Band Notes 7–12–2017

Greetings Folks — a few updates

Drill Animation

See the latest draft of the opener here —

PLEASE do not share on Social Media etc… this is for your eyes only!


Due to the impending storms — we will CANCEL Marching Practice tonight.


Moving forward, students must avoid the areas close to the building, while the roofers are working. We have permission to use the side field(s) — so there’s no need to be next to the Building proper.


We have 101 students on the current Roster. Group 4 ends at 95 members, so currently, we are 6 over the limit. Historically we lose some members, but in the event that we still have 101 at Band Camp — we will use “Alternates”. Here’s how that will work:

  • two students will “share” a drill spot and take turns at practice and performances.

For the big performances, such as Met-Life Stadium & Nationals, we will pick the student that has had the best attendance record, is caught up with fund raising & has the best command of the music and the drill.

Alternates could be new members, or veterans.

I would suggest that all students should make every effort to attend ALL practices/sectionals etc… even over the summer.


All members, including veterans MUST attend the summer practices. Wanting to sleep late is not an excuse to miss a sectional. That type of behavior will earn you an Alternate Spot!!!


All students who owe funds from previous years are reminded that the August 1st Deadline to be caught up is fast aproaching. Please do not put yourself, and me, in the embarrasing position of having your membership revoked!

Remember — no one in life is going to GIVE you anything, and you are not ENTITLED to anything. YOU MUST EARN everything you get!

So get out there and sell some ads!


Simple memorizing technique: play through each song, along with the audio tracks I gave you (see below) 3 times each night! That’s it!!!

I will be adjusting the TUBA part and the LOW BRASS parts sometime later this week, mostly in part 2.

Fall Marching Band 2017 Music — AUDIO FILES!!!

Audio Files (mp3 format) are available for download NOW!

Please click here to get the audio for YOUR specific part

Fantasia Impressions — Bunnell Fall 2017 Marching Band Sheet Music!!!

All FIRST year members should choose a 2nd or 3rd part.

Save ink & Paper — print only what you need!

Schoology Group

We have created a “Schoology” group for all things Marching Band and Guard for the STUDENTS. All students MUST register on the Schoology Group ASAP.

Go to: then “Join Course” and use this as your access code: 439ZG-3G4BH (you may have to create a FREE Schoology Account first).

We will post links and resources, plus announcements on that site.

Summer Practices, Sectionals & “Captionals”

We will have regular Wednesday night Marching Basics for all Brass & Woodwinds. We will meet in the BHS Parking lot from 6p-8p.

  • Sectionals: All sections (i.e. Flutes, Saxophones, Drums etc…) will have a weekly meeting with their student Section Leader called “Sectionals”. The purpose for these meetings to learn and hopefully memorize the “Fantasia” music.
  • Captionals: A “Captional” is for ALL Brass or ALL Woodwinds, or ALL percussion, not just a small section. Generally, we will hold one Captional per week, or every other week.

Here is the current WEEKLY schedule for sectionals & captionals

(Please note — there will be NO SECTIONALS/CAPTIONALS on Holidays)

Brass: (all sectionals meet at the BHS Flagpole)
Low brass Tues. 1–3p

Trumpets Fri. 130–330p

Brass captional (all brass players) Wed. 3–5p

Woodwind: (all sectionals meet at the BHS Flagpole)
Clarinet Thur. 1–3

Flutes Fri. 2–4

Saxes tues. 12–130

Woodwind captional (all Woodwind players) Wed.1–3

Baseline Tues. 4–6

FULL Drumline (no pit) Wed. 3–6

Pit. Only Wed. 4–6 at the dungeon

FULL Guard

every Thurs 6–8p practice side field

Sectional Tues. 5–630

Attendance is required at all meetings, unless you are out of town, or have a family commitment.

Fall Schedules

The Fall Schedule is somewhat complete. Please click this link to view the schedule:

Follow Us

Communication in a large & successful group is essential! We offer a wide variety of options. Please feel free to subscribe to as many of the mediums listed below as you wish.

Many students & parents prefer the “Remind” option, as that sends a message directly to your mobile device.

Facebook Page for all PARENTS & STUDENTS & ALUMNI — please join (send request to join) and subscribe

Twitter — (follow)

Remind — (Text messages to your device)

  • To receive messages via text, text @bunnellb to 81010
  • Trouble using 81010? Try texting @bunnellb to (203) 909–6032 instead.

Medium — — then click follow.

Band Camp

Band Camp is Aug 21–25 (we generally finish on Thursday)

There will be a Performance for all of the Parents & Family Members on Thursday night. We will serve food as well. Details — asap!

Here is a link so you can learn about Band Camp —


You will want to become involved. This activity is a fantastic way for you to bond with your child in the few years remaining, prior to their college experience!!!

Here are some important links:

Ad Book (Cavalcade of Bands Program Book)

Sadly, the Bunnell Band is NOT fully funded by the B.O.E or the town (Very few — IF ANY — HS Marching Bands are funded anywhere in the USA). While they supply some support, it is simply not sufficient to operate a Competitive Program.

Some towns in our area, require their students to pay 2, to 3 to 4 times the amount that we require our students to contribute.

Band & Guard is free, provided you meet the annual fund raising goal, which is $485 (depending on the final BOE/Town Budget) for the 2017 Fall Season. The only time that you will have to pay “Out of Pocket” is when you don’t meet that goal using the provided fun raising tools.

The best fund raising tool, by far, is the Cavalcade Adbook, or Program Book. This is somewhat like a yearbook for the Band & Guard. Town Businesses will purchase “Ad Space” in return for a Tax Deduction (we are a 501(c)3 “not for profit” organization). In addition — many Family members will also purchase a “Good Luck” ad page for their child. Parents who purchase ads will also get a Tax Deduction as well. SO RATHER than paying out of pocket — purchase an ad and get the Tax break!


  • Turn is ads/checks AS SOON as you get them.
  • Ask family and friends to purchase an ad, get the tax break, and support you (or your child).
  • Try all sections of town, and into Shelton on Bridgeport Ave & Devon, just over the Bridge.

Sell to:

  • Doctor/Dentist/Orthodontist Office (especially if you are a patient)
  • Law Offices
  • Real Estate Offices
  • Insurance Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Gas Stations
  • Florists
  • Mortuaries
  • Local Businesses

Avoid selling to:

  • National Chains (Home Depot, Wallmart etc…)
  • Liquor Stores
  • Smoke Shops
  • Firearms Stores

Set a Goal and get out there and sell!

The Businesses know that we are coming —

Here is the form that you will need —

See a Sample Ad Here —

You can also purchase an ad online here —

Learn more about the ad-book here —


• Please sell as many ads as possible, as 100% of the ads will go to the students’ accounts.
 • Your family members may also take ads as well.
 • Ads can be from out of State.
 • Ads are Tax Deductible

All ads must be turned in by Sept. 15, 2017.

PLEASE — send ALL Ads to Bunnell HS (Address on ad form) AS SOON AS YOU GET THEM!

This isn’t for me!

The Bunnell Band & Guard has a rich tradition that is steeped in excellence.

That said — I know that it isn’t for everyone.

If you have decided to change your mind, please do the following:

  • Give it a chance — you never know!
  • The Activity is basically 2 nights per week for two months, excluding the performances.
  • You CAN do Sports & Band!


PLEASE — email me ASAP — if you change your mind so that we can adjust our plans.

Thank you!


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