Band Notes 7–6–2015

Hello Folks — a few quick updates

1 — Rehearsal TONIGHT for Brass & Woodwinds ONLY — 6–8p. Please bring your instruments! Please watch Twitter, Remind & your emails — the weather is supposed to be rough tonight, so we may cancel.

As a general rule, if you need to put on your wipers while driving, then the rehearsal will be cancelled. This is for the summer rehearsals.

2 — Congratulations to our Staff Member & Show Designer— Dennis DeLucia upon his pending induction to the Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame. Only TWO people in FORTY years from the MARCHING Percussion world have been inducted, and Dennis is the second! Congrats!!! —

3 — follow us here:

Twitter — please follow us on Twitter here — @bunnellband — If you do not have an account — please go here to create one now — — then click here to follow the Band Feed

Remind — This is Text messages sent to your phone — like Twitter, but sent as a text to your number — To receive messages via text, text @bunnellb to 81010. You can opt- out of messages at anytime by replying, ‘unsubscribe @bunnellb’. Trouble using 81010? Try texting @bunnellb to (203) 909–6032 instead.

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4 — Dr. Dowling has taken over the helm as Principal at Bunnell HS. She will be a HUGE advocate and supporter for our program, and I am delighted to be working with her, in her new capacity. She will be reviewing all returning students that have an outstanding balance on their accounts and contacting the parents. If you have a balance, please make every effort to reduce it as soon as possible. Here are two immediate ways to achieve that:

Hint — send the Ad Book link (above) to your family and friends. Ads don’t have to be from a business. This way, your family and friends can get the tax benefits!

In addition — please do not fall behind! (see the fund raising schedule below). All members should have raised $50 by July 1, and an additional $150 by August 24. PLEASE — stay on schedule!

Not sure why we need to fund raise? Click here —

5 — Ireland

Moving forward — all funds and transactions will go through Super Holiday Tours.

ALL TRAVELERS must fill out the form, even if you made a deposit on the website/paypal.

We are STILL accepting travelers!

  • All forms should be sent ASAP, but no later than August 1.
  • Please click here to learn more about the trip —
  • There is NOT a plan “B”. This is our trip for 2015–16. Many Bands traveled to Ireland last year with only 40–50 members, and we are close to that amount now.

6 —Fund Raising and the Ad Book

PLEASE turn in all ads AS SOON AS YOU GET THEM. Businesses do not want their checks to go “un-deposited” for long periods of time.

Many Businesses in Stratford will take an ad. Try the Rotary area, the dock, and all the businesses in Lordship & Barnum ad. Also — your Doctor, Dentist & Lawyer are all good candidates for an ad. 100% of all ads go to the students credit. Remember — tell the business that you are traveling to Ireland to represent the town of Stratford!

The Ad-Book is the biggest fund raiser of the year and starts NOW! Please download the forms here -

and use this link — to learn more.

You can see a sample ad here —

And you can forward this link to your family and friends to purchase an ad online —

please note that, since we are a 501(c)3 not for profit — all ads are 100% tax deductible.

There is a TON of info on the web page about Ad-Books — please check it out!

Fund Raising Schedule:

  • $50 — Due July 1 (that’s one 1/2 page ad)
  • $150 — Due The FIRST day of Band Camp (Aug 24) (that’s one full page ad)
  • $150 — Due September 30 (that’s one full page ad)
  • $100 — Due October 30 (that’s one full page ad)

7 — Here are some very important links for ALL MEMBERS…

Schedule —

Click this link to see the schedule. Summer rehearsals begin on July 1. All members who are in town are expected to attend. Guard and Drumline have separate schedules, that will also appear on this calendar.

There will be sectionals as well! — You or your child will receive a phone call or email as to when and where the sectionals are held for your section (flutes, clarinets etc…) — you should attend these sectionals as this is where the student leaders will help everyone learn the music.

Audio of the show —

Get your music here —

Get your AUDIO of YOUR part here — — go into the folder for your Section…

Band Handbook

iPad —

Download —




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