Band Notes 8–16–2016

Greetings Parents & Students

This will be a Jam-Packed Issue, as there’s much to review & learn

Band Camp

Band Camp begins next Monday - Aug 22-Aug 25.

  • We will meet outside the Band Room door starting at 6:45am.
  • Students will need to bring a lunch, snacks and a TON of WATER
  • Students may bring water bottle with a strap, so as to have them 100% of the time on the field.
  • Sunscreen & a Hat are a must!
  • Students may not leave the campus at anytime, without a note signed by a parent.
  • There will be a Parent available every morning to collect any Ads/Ad Money, or any other financial matters (see below)
  • Students will be dismissed promptly at 4p. PLEASE do not arrive later than 4p to pick up your student! No one wants to see students sitting in the parking lot, waiting for their Parent for 30–40 minutes after dismissal…

more info on Band Camp — STUDENTS & PARENTS — PLEASE READ —

All Music & Audio Files —

Band Camp Picnic

The Band Camp Family Picnic is Aug 25 at 5p

  • This will be the FIRST performance of the 2016–2017 Band, and all members are expected to attend.
  • Parents & Family Members (all are invited) may bring lawn chairs/blankets and sit on the “hill” and watch the performance.
  • After the performance, the students will go through the food line.
  • Parents will be required to bring food for the event

Parents — you will receive an eMail from the Band Parent Organzation as to those specific details.

Drill Sheets & Videos & Music & Audio

The Drill Sheets are available!

  • Please download/print your sheets here —
  • You may save the PDF to your device, rather than printing.
  • DRILL SHEETS must be with EVERY STUDENT, everytime we rehearse.
  • PRINTING Hint: Set your “layout” to “2 Pages” so that you save ink & paper.
  • Your SECTION LEADER will assign your drill number, and we will have a lesson on the first day at camp on how to read these sheets.
  • Bring a highlighter pen and a pencil to camp

Please check out the animation of the drill here —

Finances & Parent Meeting

There will be a brief meeting for all First Year PARENTS on Tuesday, Aug 23, 2016 at 7p in the Auditorium. We will discuss how the program operates, the need for raising funds and the Band Trip to Los Angeles in 2016.

All students should have $150 in Ads for the Cavalcade Adbook TURNED IN on the FIRST day of Band Camp. Students are encouraged to try and complete the entire fundraising goal ($475) using Ads for the Cavalcade adbook, during the week of Band Camp.

Band Trip

We have sent our non-refundable deposit to the tour company. If your name appears below, you have a seat reserved on the flight!

There are additional seats available, but only a few. PLEASE register ASAP if you would like to join us.

Register —

Make a Payment —

Please check the list below. If you see your name, your deposit has been sent. If not — REGISTER today!

List of Current Travelers:

Acabeo Rivera Luis Alberto
Almeida Grace L
Anglin Julianna
Arias Brianna lee
Arsenault Robert G
Awad Alexis
Bahr Brianna l
Bahr Destiny u
Bahr Christopher j jr
Bahr Tina
Bahr Christopher j
Bailey Amira
barrantes Carlos A.
Bloom Philip F
Castro Brenden A
Cronin Alexander M
Dascenzo Gwen E
DeMatteo Gabriela C
Dermastja Angelina
DiGiugno Daniel J.
Falkowski Patrick L
Fetchin Elliot
Fetchin Douglas
Hall Tyree
Hall Kiana L.
Horch Matthew
Hubbell Kristen M
Jankowska Kathrine
Jankowski Hubert
Jerome Brittany
Juarez lazcano Raquel
Kalicki Alexandra
Khouja Sarah
Khouja Rana
Koorse Vincent E.
Kushel Samantha M
Larsen Nathaniel E.
Larsen Carl W.
Larsen Anne G.
Latham Sean C
Latham Paula J
Latham Brian W
Lawrence Marquise H.
Lazarre Allyson
Lemieux Melissa M.
Lesperance Breyanna
Lombard Robert P
lumasag joseph anthony
lumasag jr antonio m
MacLeod Erin T
martinez chris
Martinez Devin
Martinez Maria De Lourdes
Mirowski Kaleigh E
Moore Sara N
Mullings Shannon
Neri Maurice Josh
ollivierre zion
Pallock Joseph
Palumberi Christopher (Land Only)
Parrella Dominic
Pugh Mason L
Pushefski Joshua
Ramakrishnan Rohit M
Record Kristen
Rice Alexander H.
Rice Jeffrey
Rice Audrey E.
Rice Hilary
Rivera Desteny Joalis
Rivera Jesus Joel
Rivera Erick J.
Rodriguez Kayla
Rogers Tahjai
Root Christopher J
Root John D
Shea Cooper J
Sheridan Theodore G 4th
Sime Olivier R.
Soria Charles
Sotolongo Seth S.
Stauber Amanda Laura
Torpey Matthew
torres mikaella
Velasquez-Alfaro Yeymi F
Vongpradith Syanne
Ward Jackson H

(Reminder — students who are arrears with payments may not travel until their payment schedule is current).

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Cavalcade Ad Book (Program book)

The best fund raising tool, by far, is the Cavalcade Adbook, or Program Book. This is somewhat like a yearbook for the Band & Guard. Town Businesses will purchase “Ad Space” in return for a Tax Deduction (we are a 501(c)3 “not for profit” organization). In addition — many Family members will also purchase a “Good Luck” ad page for their child. Parents who purchase ads will also get a Tax Deduction as well. SO RATHER than paying out of pocket — purchase an ad and get the Tax break!


  • Turn is ads/checks AS SOON as you get them.
  • Ask family and friends to purchase an ad, get the tax break, and support you (or your child).
  • Try all sections of town, and into Shelton on Bridgeport Ave & Devon, just over the Bridge.

Sell to:

  • Doctor/Dentist/Orthodontist Office (especially if you are a patient)
  • Law Offices
  • Real Estate Offices
  • Insurance Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Gas Stations
  • Florists
  • Mortuaries
  • Local Businesses

Avoid selling to:

  • National Chains (Home Depot, Wallmart etc…)
  • Liquor Stores
  • Smoke Shops
  • Firearms Stores

Set a Goal and get out there and sell!

I had a parent tell me LAST WEEK that she was able to get $300 in a about an hour at the GREEN. She said that — no one had been there to sell yet!!!

The Businesses know that we are coming —

Here is a sample script that students can use when asking a business to purchase an ad:

Hello, I am _________________________ and I’m here today from the Bunnell Stratford Marching Band, and I’m hoping that you can help me out.

The Bunnell Band will be performing at the Hollywood Christmas Parade in Los Angeles California and we will be representing the Town of Stratford on National Television. The Hollywood Christmas Parade is the equivalent of the Macy’s Parade, only on the West Coast.

I am hoping that you will purchase an ad for the Cavalcade of Bands Program book. This ad is 100% Tax-Deductible, and your generosity will help me reach my goal of representing our Town.

Please complete this form now, and if you don’t mind — writing a check today as well.

Thank you!!!

  • Please click here to download the forms:

  • You can learn more about the adbook here:

  • Use this link to send to your families and friends, so they can purchase an ad online, using a credit card:

Thank you!!!