Band Notes Aug 17, 2015

Greetings Parents and Students…

I hope you are all enjoying your summer!

A few things:

See the animation of the drill for Part 1 of the Queen Show — “Under Pressure” —

See the animation of the drill for Part 2 of the Queen Show — “Who Wants to Live Forever” —

Need to make a payment on your account? (Remember — everyone needs to fund raise (sell ads) or make a payment of $200 by the first day of camp! (See Ad Book instructions below)

It makes the best sense to purcgase an ad on behalf of your child, rather than just making a payment — as the ad will give you a tax deduction!

Link to make a payment —

Link to purchase an ad online —

1 — Schedule:

Wednesday Aug 19 — FULL BAND Marching Basics 6–8pm in the Parking Lot

Monday Aug 24- Band Camp Begins!

  • Please see below to learn more about Band Camp
  • Everyone is expected to attend camp, as that is where we learn the Competitive Routine. We will be competing in the USBands National Championships in November and the more we learn now — the better we can be at Nationals!
  • There will be a “Family Picnic” on Thursday night so the students can perform their show for the first time, for the Parents and Families. Details TBA, but we usually start around 5:00p.
  • Everyone is expected to have completed $200 total in fund raising (or make a payment “out of pocket”) to stay on schedule. The new Administration will be “tightening things up” and as such they will insist that everyone is to stay on the fund raising schedule.
  • Everyone will need their instrument, dot book (you will learn this from your section leader) & LOTS OF WATER! Don’t forget the sunscreen! (see full checklist below).
  • Students who are playing sports/link crew can be excused for PART of the day on Wednesday & Thursday — BUT — they will need to be available for the performance on Thursday night at the Picnic. Please advise your coach/advisor of your commitment to the school music program.

PLEASE — if you are receiving this — we are counting on your membership! I have only heard from 3 students over the summer who have decided that they will no longer participate. I know you might be anxious — but PLEASE — show up on Monday at Band Camp and give it a try.

If you are NOT particpating — please contact me — — not a student!

2 — PLEASE — Sell some ads before Band Camp begins!!!

Think of it like this:

  • The Cavalcade of Bands is held at Bunnell in October. At that event, a Marching Band contest, we sell a “Program Book” (the Ad Book)
  • The Ad Book is really more like a “Yearbook” for the Band & Guard.
  • Anyone can purchase an Ad (a “Page” in the yearbook). Businesses, Individuals or Families.
  • The Businesses in Stratford have supported our “Ad Book” for over 35 years and fully expect the students & parents to solicit “pages” from them.
  • Anyone who purchases an Ad (Page) will be eligible to receive the benefits of a tax deduction. (The Band Parents Organization is a 501(c)3 — Not For Profit.
  • If you aren’t going to sell “Pages” to the local businesses, please consider a “page” from your Family — something like: “Good Luck Billy Saxophone — Love Mom & Dad” you can also include photos and any artwork. This way — you get the Tax break! See a sample ad here —
  • You can email the link to purchase a page to all of your friends and family — you would be surprised how fast the 1/4 page ads will ad up! — friends and family can use Paypal to purchase an ad for you.
  • Here is another place you can learn MORE about the “Ad Book” —
  • Please send all ads that you have sold into the High School (to my attention) AS SOON AS YOU SELL THEM!
  • The Ad Book is the BEST way to raise funds — as 100% goes directly to the student! If you do not raise funds, then you may have to pay “Out of Pocket” w/o the benefit of the tax deduction!
  • Please contact me ASAP with any questions.

3 — About Band Camp:

Begins August 24. Monday through Friday (Friday is an option) — 6:45am — 4pm.

There will be a Family picnic on Thursday evening around 5pm.

Band Camp Checklist:

Please Bring:

__ Any ads for the Cavalcade Ad Book/Fund Raising (at least $200)

__ Comfortable Sneakers (NO flip flops or Sandals)

__ Lots of Water (Water Bottles on neck strap)

__ Snacks

__ Sunscreen

__ Bug Repellent

__ A Baseball Cap/Hat

__ Sunglasses

__ Lunch (no one is permitted to leave the campus)

__ Instruments (Extra reeds/oil etc)

__ Music

__ Guard Equipment

__ 3 Ring Binder

__ Highlighter Pen

__ Pencil

__ A Prompt Arrival! (Please be at the door to the band room at 6:45am, as we start promptly at 7am)

Don’t worry if you are missing anything, or if you don’t have everything memorized — we will make sure everyone is complete on Monday at camp.

A few more things:

Please do not bring anything valuable such as expensive jewelry, or cash.

Students may not visit any other part of the building.

Soda machines may or may not be available to students.

Restrooms are in the Band Room Hall only — NOT the lobby.

ALL students will need to clean their area (especially after lunch) every day.

Parents should drop off and pick their children up in the parking lot near the tennis courts, as to keep the single lane driveway clear.

The main Gymnasium is off limits to all.

Please also remember that all students should have their first $200 in fund raising completed for this week as well. Students who have a hardship may speak with the director to establish a plan.

A typical day at Band Camp would look like this:

6:45am — report to the side door of the school where the band room is.

7:00am — section leader/staff/officer meetings.

7:15am — full band meeting

7:20am — stretching/warm ups/basic marching on the field, percussion on their own.

8:00am — Start drill sets. Goal — learn one song each day. Water breaks along the way.

12pm — lunch

12:30pm — Sectionals.

1:15pm — Full music ensemble in the band room.

2:00pm — drill on the field. This is where you put the music into the drill sets you learned that day.

3:45pm — clean up/meetings.

4:00pm — dismissed.

Students should make every effort to show up to camp with their music memorized. If you are a first year member and having trouble memorizing — DO NOT WORRY — we will help you at camp.

This is the time of the year when, typically, students get anxious about starting HS. PLEASE, make an effort and attend the camp — if you are still hesitant at the end of camp, we will work something out — BUT please do not drop band at this point! Every member who receives this email will have a spot and is needed!

Need anything??? — Please contact me!!!

thank you!


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