Band Notes — January 15, 2015

Greetings — here is the latest:

1 — Drumline Thursday 6–9 (pit in Band Room at 6, move to Aux Gym at 7 — full ensemble in Aux gym at 8). We need one/two more snare drummers and one/two more mallet players. PLEASE come to rehearsal Thursday and check it out!

2 — Midterms. All miidterms are done at home, via video. All instructions are found on the Band Website here — students do NOT need to attend school when they do not have a midterm exam. All exams are due at the time that the regular scheduled class occurs.

3 — Ireland Trip

Band trips are not automatic, and they are not a right, they are a privilege.

The number one and ULTIMATE goal of any Band Trip is to PERFORM. It is NOT to visit a Theme Park!!!

The opportunity to perform in an International location on Global Television comes along ONCE OR MAYBE TWICE IN A LIFETIME. And — this parade is JUDGED!!!

This trip is an opportunity that will require lots of fund raising and lots of hard work — all things that we would WANT our children to learn: To strive for a goal, to work hard and raise money are all things that the students can take into Adulthood.

Please join me in this quest — to send the children of Stratford to Ireland — and let the world see how great our students and community is!

Here is a link to EVERYTHING you need to know about the trip (to date) —

4 — Need to make a payment? —

5 — That’s all for now!

thank you


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