Band Notes & Weekend Wrap Up


Greetings Parents, Students & Staff…

Wow — what a TERRIFIC DAY on Saturday!

  • Thank you to Carl Larsen & the entire Band Parents Team! Smooth Operation & Great food!
  • The Color Guard!!!! WOW!!! We beat Brien McMahon for the first time all year, and it wasn’t even close! A nice way to head into Nationals!
  • The Drum Line — Holy Smokes!!! 2 Spectacular performances, and a Clinic! I just loved watching the Dartmouth students filming YOU!
Videos from Saturday

Several photos are now on the Facebook page:

MORE videos coming soon!!!

Schedule This Week
  • Guard — Tuesday, Thursday — regular times & locations
  • Drum Line — Wednesday 6p-9p
Tickets for USBands Indoor Nationals

We are required to sell 20 tickets for each of the Guard & Drum Line shows for this Saturday. The cost is $20 per ticket. Sadly, parents that are helping and chaperoning will need a ticket. Tickets will be available for purchase just prior to the Bus Departure (see times below) please write a check for the full amount of tickets to Bunnell HS Band, or bring $20 cash per ticket.

  • Tickets are first come first served
  • If we sell all of the tickets, there will be no charge to individual accounts. Otherwise, anyone who doesn’t purchase a ticket will share in the cost of the difference. Example: ten people do not purchase a ticket, but we sell 15 of out of the 20 required. The 10 people who didn’t purchase a ticket will have a charge on their account for $10. I hope that makes sense!

Event Web Site —{ts%20'2017-03-27%2007:51:36'}&searchState=&eventID=1621

Color Guard Saturday
  • 9:00a — “Breakfast of Champions” BHS Cafe
  • 10:00a — Aux Gym
  • 3:30p — Depart for Trumbull HS (tickets available at the door in Trumbull)
  • 5:40p — Perform
  • 9:20p — Awards
  • 10:00p — Arrive Stratford, go straight home to bed!
Color Guard Sunday
  • 9:00a — Report BHS (tickets available at this time)
  • 9:45p — Depart for South Brunswick HS, NJ
  • 1:50p — Perform
  • 2:45p — Awards
  • 5:30p — Arrive Stratford
Drum Line Sunday
  • 11:30a — Report BHS Warm Up — Run Thru (tickets available at this time)
  • 1:00p — Depart for South Brunswick HS, NJ
  • 5:15p — Perform
  • 8:45p — Awards
  • 11:00p — Arrive Stratford

Folks — if you think about it — this activity only costs about $40 per week. Where else in Stratford can you get this type of experience, with terrific instructors, including travel — for that price? Gymnastics, Dance, Swimming are all more expensive.

We need to pay our staff & vendors — they are waiting!!!

PLEASE stay on top of your payments/fund raising!!! Make a Payment now —


We expect delivery this week, or next week!!!

Looking Ahead
  • April 18 — Indoor Drum Line & Guard Tour — Flood & Wooster
Looking WAY ahead!
  • May 17 — Spring Concert
  • May 29 — Memorial Day Parade
  • June 8 — Band Awards — BHS Cafe
  • TBA — Graduation (all Concert Band & Wind Ensemble Students Perform)
Reminder — do these today as well!

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Updates —

Register for Band Fall 2017

Please register now for the Fall 2017 Band. This way, we can determine if we need to obtain more uniforms etc… there is already a very large response. Here’s the link —

thank you


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