Drumline Updates

Hello Folks —

A few IMPORTANT things.

Reminder — tonight 6–9pm (we will be in the audy) PLEASE arrive a little early to move your stuff, and be prepared to PACK EVERYTHING tonight.

WE WILL LOAD THE TRUCK AT 7:30AM TOMORROW — As we CAN NOT leave the stuff in the truck overnight in this cold weather!

If this is the FIRST season that you are a member (this year)— you MUST get a medical form (see link below) and bring it with you tomorrow!

(Sarah, Lawrence, Justin A, Dwight, Stewart)

Parents of students at SHS, FMS or WMS will need to call your school’s front office and let them know that they are on the field trip. You must also arrange for transportation to BHS and arrive no later than 7:30am. Please advise if you have any problems making it to BHS on time!

Students will wear their “Yes” tee shirts, that will be distributed TONIGHT at practice. Students will also need to wear Black Pants (not yoga pants or sweats) and Black Shoes with Black Socks. You may ALSO wear a LONG SLEEVE BLACK shirt UNDER the “Yes” shirt, if you like.

Students should arrive DRESSED and ready to go.

All students should bring a lunch PLUS some money, in the event that we arrive early enough to stop someplace to eat.

We also need a CHAPERONE for this Saturday at the New Milford Show! Please advise asap if you can help. Remember, these years are the last few years (don’t get soggy now) that you and your child can enjoy these experiences together! Please — we have ALWAYS relied on GREAT PARENTS to help out (and this group is no different — another set of AMAZING parents!!!) We also need some Parents to help move equipment on/off the performance floor at the Show on Saturday as well.

Thanks folks — please let me know if you need anything!


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