Happy Holidays!

Greetings Parents & Students

a few things as we head into the Holiday Break:

Cruise Refunds -

We received a check from Super Holiday Tours for a partial refund, not sure the exact amounts, we are processing that now.

If you paid OVER the deposit ($275) you will receive anything you paid above that as a refund…

Super Holiday Tours is currently negotiating with Royal Caribbean to try and recover more. I will know more once we return from break.

Please allow our Band Parents some time to process what we just received.

If your child has a balance on their account, we will apply any refunds to the outstanding balance first, then issue checks.

Theme Tees -

There was a communications error with the theme tees — I expect that they will be here when we return from break…

Thank you -

It was a wonderful start to the 2015–16 school year — I look forward to all the great things that are ahead for our magnificent group of Parents, Students & Staff

thank you and Happy 2016 to all!

Jim M.

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