Weekend Updates 2–19–2016

Greetings — a few updates

Band Ads

TODAY is the very LAST day to submit an ad. Please get your ads in asap!

If you’re going to pay out of pocket — take an ad and get the TAX BREAK!

Remember — this Activity is FREE, as long as you sell the ads and fund raisers.

Please click here to see an older version of “How to sell an Ad” — https://medium.com/@bunnellband/how-to-sell-band-ads-1949ba53dfdd#.ctmjias6s — please disregard the links/dates/amounts etc… from that post.

please click this link to get your ad forms.


Cruise Refunds

We are working on the details and should have refunds sorted out sometime next week.

TOMORROW — Saturday


Meet at BHS at noon in the aux gym

Depart 3p with the drum line.

Perform at 730p

Awards at 8p

Drum Line:

Meet at noon — Main Gym

Sectionals??? 12–1p

Ensemble — 1p-215p

Runs at 2:15 — then pack

Depart at 3p w/Guard.


Only performing members & approved Parent/Staff/Chaperones are permitted on the bus.

Also — students MUST ride the bus BOTH ways to and from all events!

Drumline performs at 6:05p

Guard performs at 7:35p

Awards at 8p

Bus at 8:30p

THERE WILL BE A CUSTODIAN at Bunnell st 9p to let you in to drop off the equipment.

Here is the Official Schedule:

Learn more here — http://trigonroad.com/yea/eventDetail.cfm?eventID=1314&currentWeek=02/15/2016

Marching Band 2016

please register ASAP for the FALL 2016!


Thank you!


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