Weekend Wrap Up


Thank you, to all of the students for the amazing hard work you did, and of course — the pay off at Brien McMahon!

Thank you, to all of the Parents who helped make the day smooth, and literally flawless!

Our biggest issue is the “Blanks” (people who signed up for Band and quit, plus the people who missed the show.)

We MUST improve attendance, if we are going to be competitive!

You can see the video here —

Looking forward:

There will be no practice on Tuesday.

There will be practice Thursday and possiby Wednesday (details tomorrow)

Friday Football Game

Saturday — New Milford CT Show

Report time 9am. (lunch on the bus)

Bus at 1pm.

Perform at 5:30p, Awards at 7:30p, Home by around 9/9:30p

Students who have religious retreats — please ask if it’s possible you can be dismissed early and meet us in New Milford.

All section leaders are going to ask their members to send the videos of different musical phrases from the show. You will get those details tomorrow.

thank you ALL for a fantastic Week #1!!!