Are you for the American Woman or are you for Donald Trump?

Pick a side.

Seriously, it is time to pick a side.

Because that is what is going on right now. All the lying all the misinformation, all the deceit by the authoritarian in training, is a test of your loyalty.

Who do you believe a bigoted, self aggrandizing, fascist, or the powerful everyday American Woman. Because that is what is going on right now.

This is no longer about crooked Hillary. As much as he would like to vilify and redirect attention from his misdeeds, the American Woman stood up and said enough is enough. And they are not going away. They are frustrated, and they are fucking powerful. You know how powerful they are. They create life. They nurture life in their womb for nine months, and then they give birth to life. That is power. (They can do all the other stuff too, especially kick ass in soccer) They are our mothers. They are our wives. They are our sisters. They are our daughters. And they are sick of this bullshit. They are sick of the sexism. They are sick of the misogyny. They are sick of all that Trump represents.

This is not another orange revolution. This is the Women’s Revolution and it started when he somehow stole the election from one of the most powerful, hardworking, women on this planet. Who the fuck really understands how he did it? Voter suppression, Russian hacking, the FBI scandal, or the story of the depressed ignored rust belt. Bullshit on that narrative, though. (It was the fucking obstructionist republican congress that thwarted everything that Obama tried to do to help the country at every turn. Please everyone stop validating that narrative, without explaining the republican responsibility. Obama did not fail them. The republicans abandoned them.)

But thats done, and really its not going to matter, because its time. Women are revved up and they are not going to stop until he is out of office. He can not appease them, and in truth he can’t even vilify them. Try it. Go ahead. It worked on Hillary Clinton, because she had a shit ton of baggage over thirty years of fighting for equity in a male dominated political system and she was a single target. But try to vilify the millions, oh yeah fucking millions of them who stood up on Saturday January 21, 2017 and do not want to sit down. They can’t wait to get back into his face. They are thirsty. They have the taste of blood. Trump represents everything that they have been fighting against their entire lives, a sexist, misogynistic, cheating, womanizing, abuser. Even the women who voted for him are going to come around, when they see the power in the Women’s Movement.

I thought it was funny that he posted the video of the inauguration and mistakenly said that he would never forget Saturday January 21, 2017, when he meant to say Friday January 20, 2017. Freudian slip anyone. Communication error. Truth is, he will never forget that nearly three times the number of people showed up on J21, as did on J20, literally trampling on his brief inauguration celebration. Even more millions flooded the streets all across the country, and all across the world in support of Women. Millions, Millions came out and said NO. NO. NO. NO (sung to Meghan Trainer tune).

None of us will forget that.

He will try to distract and divide, but his power is almost up before it has begun. Keep antagonizing Women, see how that goes. I love the picture of Trump and a bunch of his buddies, signing an executive order against women’s reproductive rights. Real smooth. Keep it up.

Go ahead poke the bear. Seriously, I am an avid hiker and well there is one lesson you are taught about hiking in the U.S. And that lesson is that when you see a cute little cub in the forest, first don’t go near it, second find the mother bear, third make sure that you are not in between the mother bear and her cub, cause if you are she is going to rip you apart. He is up against that mother bear right now. He is up against all those frustrated women protecting their young and they are organized, and after the march on J21, they are just waiting for the next time to march on Washington.

He can try his authoritarian tactics. He can try to concentrate power and control the message, but it is already failing. There are leaks everywhere and they will continue, especially as people see the writing on the wall. He thinks he can manipulate congress, or the senate. They are going to use him for their selfish purpose and then they are going to throw him to the mother bear.

He is going to pretend to be powerful. He is going to put forth that powerful man image, but underneath we can all see that same scared insecure boy that has been driven to lie, cheat and demean women. And Women see that, they have seen it their entire lives, and they are fucking sick of it.

GERMAINE GREER: (From Sinead O’connor “Germaine”)
I do think that women could make politics irrelevant.
By as a kind of spontaneous cooperative action,
The like of which we have never seen.
Which is so far from people’s ideas of state structure
And vital social structure that seems to them like total anarchy.
And what it really is is very subtle forms of interrellation
Which do not follow sort of hierachical pattern which is
Fundamentally patriarchal.
The opposite to patriarchy is not matriarchy but fraternity.
And I think it’s women who are going to have to
Break this spiral of power
And find the trick of cooperation.

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