What’s Your After Work Routine?
Megan Reynolds

I get off work around 5, get home around 5:45. Put on pajamas. Watch TV. Maybe shower if I must. Eat a snack. Start a my wine around 7:30, cook dinner around 8:00. Actually eat dinner around 10:00. More TV and then in bed around 11. Sometimes my husband and I have sex (like Liz Lemon, I have rules about weekday sex, I don’t like to do it after dinner when we go to bed, so it’s gotta be done by 9:30, then dinner, then sleep!) I also got out of the habit of working out, which I would usually do around 7, to YouTube videos but then I have to shower so much more often and showering really cuts into my TV time. Sometimes I have to stop for groceries after work but now that it’s so dark when I leave, I really do not want to (so husband will make weekday grocery stops and I do the big weekend grocery hauls.) The worst is when I have to do dishes. I have a hard to time doing more than 2 things a night- sex and make dinner, go to store and make dinner, sex and go to store and have pizza for dinner, work out and shower and have pizza for dinner, etc. So when you throw in dishes, it’s like WHO’S GOT THE TIME?!

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