Blehhh, store bought halloween costumes for specific characters feel so icky to me.
Wendy T

My own costume assembled from stuff I find/already have is my preference as well but some people don’t find that fun- they don’t like shopping and/or aren’t super creative or crafty, and they want to dress up, too. And, a lot of kids do wear their costumes for a few years in a row (I had a “princess” costume that turned into a “beauty queen” costume for a few years back and forth) as do some adults.

That being said, I went to a big block party thing and while my costume was something I saw a few other people do but I put my own spin on it (I was Trump, but I’m a lady, and I changed “great” to “grope” on my cheap knock off hat and my husband wore cat ears and I “grabbed” him, I also had tiny doll hands); I did’t understand the 50 people dressed as Harley Quinn, straight out of the bag, with nothing to make it unique. But hey, if they had fun and liked how they looked, then more power to them!

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