What Does It Mean to be Spiritual? A Rational Answer.
Zat Rana

Did Einstein Discover God?

The concept was submitted with his theory of relativity in 1925 and is still relevant! A scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment. Such fact-supported theories are not “guesses” but reliable accounts of the real world.

E=mc2 explained: “Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.” On the most basic level, the equation says that energy and mass (matter) are interchangeable; they are different forms of the same thing. Under the right conditions, energy can become mass, and vice versa.

E=mc2 explains nuclear fusion, how matter can be destroyed and converted to energy and energy can be converted back to mass. It explains the atomic energy produced by nuclear power plants and the atomic energy released by atomic bombs. Neither would be possible without Einstein’s equation. (Gibbs 1997).

In common terms, Einstein’s theory broke down the sub-atomic particle to its source, Pure Vibrating Light. The Source of everything! This had never been accomplished before. In addition, pure vibrating light sends out wave forms of probability which become sub-atomic particles — and two or more sub-atomic particles become atoms. Atoms comprise everything which cannot be seen, like the cosmos. While two or more atoms become molecules, everything we can see. It is an Eternal cycle.

These wave forms of probability have an intellectual intelligence so powerful it interfered with scientist’s thoughts interrupting further testing. Plus, they still communicate even when the wave forms are broken or separated.

How we relate to this — everything has a vibration — everything! Not everything vibrates at the same level of vibration — rocks, animals, weather, ideas, and people, are all different. Ever heard someone refer to another as having low-energy, or how much energy another person has? It is all about vibration.

This is an explanation I can accept because it makes sense. Otherwise, to believe it all began with a ‘Big-bang’ would have to mean something was already there to be able to bang against something else. Also, did a big bang awaken God? Where was He in this process? When you look at the solar system filled with planets, stars and other worlds, what if it is all an illusion and we perpetuate it each time we slip into our ego? A change in our vibration, perhaps?

Why is it society will ponder the meaning of God, yet are seldom concerned with who the ego is and where it comes from or goes when we die? Hmmm? Could it be because to describe the ego requires one to have some concept of illusions — like out-of-body experiences? Something like thinking outside the box? This could confirm the universe and life is all an illusion… Sound crazy? How is it so different from dreaming? Seems real while we are dreaming, yet it all goes away when we awaken. Awaken?

If the ego is real, then why is it not buried with the body? Have you ever heard of anyone mentioning they miss old Uncle Johns ego? Ever hear the doctor say Aunt Lucy has cancer of the ego? If the ego is an illusion we made up — than maybe this earth and life is also? Like an experiment or an opportunity to awakening and prepare us for another level to eternal life? Such as a qualifying stop-off until we ‘get-it?’

What if we are doomed to return to earths cycle until we have mastered the concept of a higher vibration? Meaning, lay aside judging others and accept we are all the same, in spirit. We do this by forgiving ourselves for forgetting we are one, in spirit. Done! Only God can forgive others…

When we have a gift, or a gifted child, this could mean they arrived with a higher vibration and we need to have the tools to help these individuals advance their gift. Instead, we ignore or deny their gift until their vibrational level fades into our level. There is a disconnect here, we need material to help gifted children excel, not backslide to our level.

Scientists recently reported the earth is 4.534 billions years old, not 100,000 years as once reported. This changes the concept of a God sitting on a thrown, for a variety of reasons. Such as any attempt to make this believable would require additional information, which we do not have.

Einsteins Theory E=mc2 supports the idea of God as a metaphor to make the unknown, known by using an acceptable concept. What if we are doomed to return to the illusion of earth until we advance to the level of vibration equal to Pure Vibrating Light?

Given, the Bible has been around 2,000 years or so, it still alludes to those who see images, communicate with Spirit, and travel out of body. Meaning, the ability to communicate outside the box is not new, rather ignored. Let us be the generation who awakens to our ancestral heritage, Eternal Life!