Why I decided to open a creative co-working space in Austin, Texas
Hayley Swindell

Just discovered you and The Refinery in AWES Facebook group — hiya! 👋🏽

This just blows my mind. You made this happen at 27!?!?! While I haven’t truly dived into trying to figure out how one goes about starting a business like this, it’s also not information I casually come across like I do so much other business building information.

So as far as I’m concerned, you’ve definitely achieved mermaid status because your accomplishment is pure magic and mystery to me! And, you may not be treading the waters of the actual ocean, but you’re absolutely swimming with the big fishes in Austin entrepreneurial waters!

So, CONGRATS! I look forward to checking out the space and hope to get a chance to say hello in person at a monthly AWES gathering soon!

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