I am big fan of reveal.js. It’s a super-cool and customizable framework for creating presentations. And usually i use it for all my talks. Recently i got Logitech Spotlight (thanks to HolyJS)— high-end presenter, which can do many cool things, highlight, magnify, vibrate 😲. But it turned out that it can’t … switch slides in reveal.js.

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Yes, it has HolyJS logo on it!

What’s the problem?

Reveal.js has cool feature — you can create two-dimensional slides where your talk divided to the chapters with sub-slides in them.

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For those who don’t know there is a conference called HolyJS. I don’t want to say advertising slogans such as “the largest, coolest conference in Russia about JavaScript and stuff” but nevertheless I really love it, and attended all the events, at first as a speaker, and then as a member of the program committee. But today i don’t want to advertise (especially because I’m not an PR specialist), but to talk about preparation for the conference and the work of the Program Committee.

This post is addressed primarily to all speakers; those who have submitted applications that have already been accepted, or who are waiting for an answer. I regularly attend various conferences, and it often happens that the organizers (or the program committee) are very “sluggish”: they respond to letters for a long time, keep silent in the chat and so on. And I thought: “Guys, come on, is it hard to write a couple of words?”. And only when I found myself “on the other side of the barricade,” I realized how much work is hidden behind a large conference. And this year, while preparing HolyJS Moscow, we in the program committee felt this especially: the requests came almost three times more than there are seats! To just understand, answer, discuss them — it’s all not so simple as we thought. But for me it’s not just “yet another frontend conference”, but something bigger, so i hope all this work will help HolyJS to grow and improve. …

Evgeny Kot

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