Telling stories. One of the most important things I learned from the Show and Tell Marketing event. Everyone has a story they want to tell, but the story must have meaning and connect with the consumers in order to be effective. In order for a story to drive consumers to take action, we, as marketers, must empathize with consumers. What are their thoughts and feelings associated with this product or ad? What would I do in this situation if I was the consumer? We have to look beyond the selling point and dive deeper into the consumer mind. One way to tell stories is through podcasts. People get hooked and listen because of the stories. Podcasts are the most intimate way of telling stories because you are selling who you are. You can also hear the person’s voice making it very personal and creating a connection.

Another way to get stories across a platform is through branding content meaning you create stories with the products through pictures and videos. Designing the photo and the set around the product is essential in order for a story to come across. For example, a coffee mug could be photographed with a table full of food or early in the morning before a long day at work. Consumers make inferences about the story and the product if you set up the photograph well. You also have to be authentic to become a memory in the consumer’s mind. Content has to have meaning in order to be successful. Levi mentioned changing the company’s Instagram feed for internal motivation. The feed was unrealistic and did not grab the consumer’s attention. Levi decided to use real people walking on the streets wearing the products because it actually meant something. It was original and unique instead of a staged picture. People like the truth. As a brand, you have to listen and attempt to understand the consumers in order for them to be motivated to act.

Brands are disrupters in feeds so the content has to be even better than people’s own personal content. People do not join social media solely to connect with brands, they join to connect with each other. Brands must use their voice to make a connection, make a difference, and tell their own stories.

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