BUNTOY Major Update - new version 1.0.7

Jul 27, 2018 · 3 min read

We are pleased to announce that BUNTOY is welcoming a second major update!

After the big revision of the previous dapps interface, we added a lot of features to make the wallet more functional and easily to use.

Let’s take a look that what changes haves been made.

Dapps page

After the dapps interface from the original thumbnail to the larger image, we added the TOP PLAYERS column on the top of dapps interface, which shows in real time which games the player is playing.

You can also see that we have added a built-in browser, you can enter the URL and add it to your bookmarks. The small icon in the upper right corner shows your browsing history and bookmarks.

Wallet page

We added the token add button, you can add the token you need to pay to your main page, select the token column you need to join, and swipe left to bring up the add button. And you can delete it at any time in the added column.

Collectibles has always been one of the projects we value, and we will continue to add your favorite games, those that support ERC20 tokens to our wallets.

Currently you can see the collections of Cryptokitties, MyHero9 and Hyperdragons.

In Rinkeby Network it is supported to view the collections of Crypko.

Discover page

This is our latest development of an interface, the purpose is to allow users to easily get a variety of Free Tokens! Currently supporting receive the Ether of Rinkeby Network.

As time goes by, the amount of your candy will grow slowly, and you can get it by clicking get. Completing the KYC verify will speed up the time for you to receive free tokens. KYC1 is the registered mobile phone number verification, and KYC2 is the ID card verification. KYC verify can be completed in the ME interface.

Me page

After registering your account, you can also click on the top address column to see all the games you have played and how much Ether you spent on them! All transaction records will be displayed inside.

And We have added a startup password for the security of the wallet, which you can set in the wallet password.

The above is the entire content of this update, we will continue to build our wallet to make it more practical, any suggestions are welcome!

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