Growth Hacking A Country: Turkey

Turkey is going through hard days with terrorism and a failed coup attempt. There are a lot of news about Turkey not being safe. I’ve heard many friends cancelling their trip to Turkey recently.

There has been 30% incoming tourist decrease in July!

I wondered how Turkey’s brand could be bossted-up with some simple growth hacking ideas… These are very simple ideas to be elaborated & developed. So here they are:

We can first focus on the English speaking world since the main decrease in tourism comes from USA and UK.

We can use Turkey Home brand:

First Idea: Keyword Research

Travel to Turkey,



What to do in Istanbul,

Is Turkey Safe

What can I do in Turkey

Is turkey safe for tourists

The Foreign Commonwealth Office

Why should I travel to Turkey

Where should I go to holiday

holiday to spain




We could have a special content for each keyword. Eg. Is turkey safe for tourists search could be seen with: Yes- Turkey Home of Peace

Turkish User Support

We could have the support of English speaking Turkish social media users on Twitter, Facebook ve Instagram.

For eg. we could use Bounty. For those who don’t know Bounty: (A crowdsourcing app)

Influencer Support

Influencers visit Turkey often. Like Elton John, Beyonce & Bono. We could try some hacks with their social media account.

Answering Negative News

There are numerous negative news about Turkey and its politics. We could reply/mention these news with funny, ironic messages. (To Be dev.)

Low Cost Content: Mechanical Turk

With mechanical Turk you can have various content found & edited about how people spend their times in Turkey.

To be continued…