Trezor hardware wallet is waiting for you

Dear friends!
Today, we have a lot of sales of hardware wallet Trezor again!
So, we have sent the packages to the USA, Europe and across the Russian Federation.

Only 890 BUR!
Hurry up to buy it!

Let’s remind that the hardware wallet stores the user’s private keys in a secure hardware device. This is MUST HAVE device to those people who really want to keep their cryptocurrencies.

Join our groups and chats and stay tuned for more updates and information!

🙋‍♂️ Alexey Permyakov |CEO| Buratino BlockChain Solutions (
🙋‍♂️Alexander Evdokimov |CMO| Buratino BlockChain Solutions (
🙋‍♂️Evgeniy Svetlakov |Support| Buratino BlockChain Solutions (

Official link BTT:
฿Bitcointalk (ENG) —
📣Official link Facebook
📣Official news channel

📣Official Telegram chats
🇷🇺 —
🇺🇸 —

Official Twitter

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