How to get a new bicycle without spending more money on?

I have a regular monthly salary. But I realized my spendings increase while my salary goes up. As the new year comes, I tried to set new resolutions as usual like everyone. I was wanting a new bicycle for using my daily life activities at the city. I loved one of Dutch style city bike.

Actually, I had one at Netherlands when I was an exchange student at Eindhoven. I’ve had lots of fun by riding it to the university, grocery, my friends’ homes and so on. I got very sad about leaving it in Netherlands back my way to home (in İstanbul).

At the one of my MBA lectures, I heard of a phrase like this one: “Banks use their future receivables as their assets.” They show these receivables as assets and get loans from an other bank, in case of needs of liquidity, the money. Also some governments use their future taxes or traffic fine receivables as assets and have right to get credit via showing these assets. This idea brought a light to my mind!

I learn to draw digital sketchs and visualize my bike :)

I decided to use my non spending transactions as an assurance of getting bicycle! So I dig into my spending month over all. First I listed my monthly spendings.

  • Cable TV
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Internet Connection
  • Mobile Phone 3G + Speaking

There are some expenses that I can not change such as gas, electricity, water. But I found what my over-expenses are, for example I realized I’ve paid 53 TL monthly for Cable TV last year and I didn’t need all those TV channels I didn’t watch. I changed my TV channel pack membership to the most reasonable one. I started to pay 22 TL monthly. I’ve already save (not-spend) 31 x 12 = 372 TL for a year by cutting one of my extra spending.

Secondly, I was very surprised when I saw my high paid for the network facility at home. Internet Connection — 89.90–59.90= 30.00 x 12 = 360,00 TL

Then I digged into the transactions of my credit card for searching what I was spending on. For instance, I realized that I spent lots of coffee, sometimes just for routine not for need. I’m using “routine” word here because they were not caused of addictions all the time, These spendings were coming from my daily routine. I got used to them, and these actions were not considered but conditioned. So I decided that next time, I would think twice on my spending decision.

Then, I put a little “I have a dream box” on my table to motivate me! This box was actually for the accessories of my bike.

I put a little money in it for the chocolates that I didn’t eat

Dream Box on my table at office :)

Yesterday, I saw that there was a discount for the bicycle which model that I love. I couldn’t stop myself and I drove to nearest store to buy this gorgeous bike at my lunch break! I also use my “box money” to getting a chain and an adjustable spanner suitable with my bike :)

So I’m very happy and proud of making one of my dreams @2016 come true.

Follow your dream and never give up!

Victory smile :D

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