How to make a logo, for free, in about 5 minutes.
Marc Hemeon

This post gives a tiny, funny hint of the certain steps that are being taken during the logo design process in an oversimplified way. As a product and graphic designer i must say it is very disturbing to see my profession trying to be zipped into a single post. Design is the systematic and creative treatment of problems. It is about users, research, briefs, ideas, reframing strategies, seeking consistency and more. When you consider that your logo is a part of your brand, which is directly related to your product and services, which is a part of a whole system of experience that is going to take place between your business and the people you are trying to reach, i would recommend that you stop looking for a shortcut and go to a true professional who can guide you through the whole maze instead of saying designing a logo is equal to an uneducated 5 minutes of sketch. Seriously! You can reach me through the contact information on and I would be very happy to help, at least inform you about what a logo really stands for and how design needs can be addressed within a good time frame, with approachable consulting services (instead of attempting to come up with fast, easy, cheap logos that will require time, effort and minimum x2 budget to be fixed in the future.)

As a reply to the comments: This post on logo design may be claimed to target startups without any resources, however I need to emphasise again and again that “design needs to be considered as an investment” which will save any (potential) business owners from any (potential) future damages. Starting a business in a well-planned, well-established way is the best step you can take as an entrepreneur.