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great article. but wow that would be so hard for the sometimes lazy, never really cook, awful people like me. But I would love to try it.

NO Factory Farm foods:

Right off the bat, no, absolutely no fast food (where does Chipotle get its food? research required) Even Subway would be out I assume.

Only buying groceries (who does that, really? my fridge currently contains:
ginger ale
ginger beer
butter ((from the one week when I remembered to buy a loaf of bread so that I could have toast before work so I wasn’t a hungry desk zombie at work))
random tortillas left over from a taco night (like 1.5months ago)
and a Pur water pitcher)

So only buying groceries from the Farmer’s Market, right?
What about Whole Foods or Sprouts? (research)

If I could do this for one month, it would be like the success of a lifetime…..

{Where does my favorite pizza place get its cheese? :/ }

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