Day 1: Creating a board game

How I got the neurons triggering

The Disney Method — Something I use a lot

Just starting out on my journey of how i a board game? You can start at the beginning here

We’re going on an adventure

Everything has to start somewhere. In my case as was discussed in my previous post it was standing in line with a bunch of friends. How I developed that initial spark of a dream is what I want to share with you today.

After I started to come up with a few interesting ideas, I fell back on my daytime job skills of being an Experience Architect and started to strategise. I did this using The Disney Method.

The Disney Method and why I use it

When coming up with ideas I almost always execute as much as I can using this methodology. Developed by Robert Dilts in 1994, The Disney Method is a complex creativity strategy that uses four specific thinking styles in turn. It involves parallel thinking to analyse a problem, generate ideas, evaluate the ideas and construct/critique the idea or plan.

To enact this method properly you need a good group of people that fall into different psychological personas. The four thinking styles are:

  • Outsiders
  • Dreamers
  • Realisers
  • Critics

Outsiders gain an analytical, external view of the challenge.

Dreamers brainstorm ideal solutions. They use divergent thinking to conceive creative and radical ideas — the theory is nobody can criticise the dream

In the next mode the group adopt a realiser viewpoint. They act as pragmatic realists and use convergent thinking to review the ideas left by the dreamers. They select the best idea and construct a plan for it.

The fourth viewpoint is that of critics. They review the plan made by the realists in order to identify weaknesses, obstacles or risks. They seek to improve the plan.

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