Neal Burger
Apr 11, 2018 · 1 min read

In the interview process you will be judged and evaluted how you answer this question. It is a question you will not encounter in your day to day work, but it will determin if you have a job or not. So you have to treat it as if it were a real thing.

For example if you apply for Ovo-Tech. This is probably a very real question and needs a totally different answer. Why? Because Ovo-Tech is specialized in industrial egg separation machines.

This same question can be asked by different types of people. Some HR People do not know about any ‘algorithmic’ solution to the problem and just ask this question to see if you can come up with creative solutions. In addition the question is lacking information thus forcing you to ask questions and you can see if the person presumes information that is not really there.

The question is quite versitle and you can demonstrate problem solving, knowledge about alogrithims or creativity. While the question seems to have a single ‘correct’ answer. That is not the point of the question in an HR setting.

    Neal Burger

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