Neal Burger
Aug 16, 2019 · 1 min read

Of course, as long as there are customers using IE 11 that provide a significant benefit your business — you support IE 11.

But today you have the choice to push for a world without IE 11 (Today IE has ~2% market share). By forcing your clients to use a modern browser you are making the life better for your clients. They will have to move to a modern browser sooner or later. Yes it may be uncomfortable for your clients in the short term / in the long term they will benefit more from the modern browser.

Even Microsoft does not want you to use IE.

Microsoft Edge Chromium will get a Internet Explorer Mode — to limit the users leaving a modern browser to use IE. Giving Admins tools to restrict the usage of IE.

Quote from the security chief: IE is a compatibility solution / not a browser

It is part of the job of the developer to educate non developers. You need to communicate benefits / downsides of your solution. Managers, Business Analysts, Clients need to be able to make an informed decision. They do not follow the news about browsers — they rely on you to tell them about options, trends and risks — in words that they understand.

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