How dribbble gave an extra Invite to me | Dribbble Invite Story

This is the first article I’m writing today. I decided to write along designing and share my experiences with you. I’m not an expert in English, but you can bear with me.

Two days ago, I got an email from dribbble as I scored 2 dribbble invites which I usually get after every 3 months due to my activity on dribbble.

After reading the email about invites, I remembered someone who has asked me few months back for the invite to post his design work on dribbble. So I messaged him on facebook and asked for his dribbble id and drafted him as a new player.

Then yesterday, I got a new email from dribbble again saying they are giving me one more invite to be used within 24 hours, as they were celebrating #dribbbledraftday. So, I drafted a very talent motion graphic designer to the community. And had one invite spare on my dribbble account.

And today at morning, when I was about to leave home for work. I checked my Instagram and messages, I read an old message from last month of a stranger eagerly asked me for dribbble invite. So I decided to reply him and I messaged him on instagram and asked him for his dribbble id to draft him and then I went to work.

It was quite a busy day for me at my office today, I had no time to check my emails. When I reached home, I checked my messages and went on to draft him and found out, I had no invites left.

And that stranger who I asked for his dribbble id for invite, showed disappointed, when I told him that one of my invite is missing and there’s no invite left to invite him.

Definitely, I was somehow disappointed too, as I already told him about one spare invite.

I decided to email dribbble team regarding this issue. And this is how they responded.

I’m not sure why that would’ve been the case. I’ve given you one more invite for your friend. Thanks for helping us grow the community!

I check my dribbble notifications after reading this email and I got happy to see one more invite which got lost due to some error.

And I was relived after drafting him and fulfilling my promise to that stranger.

I believe dribbble is a great community to show your designs to the world. And at dribbble their team always give a quick and satisfactory response. After being more than an year on dribbble, I’m happy at how I got exposure and many interview calls for full time work and many times got approached for freelance work

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