mi.com — experience feedback form: #UXcritique

I had ordered a product on mi.com and they asked for email feedback with the subject says..

Your Mi Order is confirmed — Please share your experience(Order ID: 518…)

The subject line says the job is to rate experience. So I took time to rate on the mail.

Feedback request email

It showed the question above and rating from ‘Not at all likely’ to ‘Extremely likely’ then I clicked my choice of rating..

That was great way (scale to rate in mail) rather than simply putting a button, but it should satisfy the expectation.

I thought they would finish that on mail itself (as look and feel suggests). But it took me to their website. It’s ok, if they had showed me a big ‘thank you’ message. But…

survey form

..it asked me some something more and a little thanks message.

my expectation was inverse of what they showed..big thanks message and small title for extended feedback

It’s good they retained what I had scored in mail. But request for more time on feedback needs be clear in that kind of flow. Anyway I answered the questions.

One last comment about the questions asked. First question was itself a text box (see image above) which would take more time than multiple choice, it could be re-ordered. And it says ‘optional’ (I wish anything is not compulsory in a feedback form)

Thanks for some time in this critique, please share your mind voices below :)

….By the way the shopping experiences like product browsing, price, variety, payment process, delivery communication was great.