My choice of the next brick into self-development

It sounds like a day ago my life satisfied me. It seemed I did an interesting work, solved challenges and emerging tasks. And company paid me fair money — not enough for luxury but good to support my family life-style. I enjoyed weekends with my family, also we had great time investigating new countries by travelling 1 or 2 times per year. Maybe I wasted some time playing computer games. But I loved them and the following game-achievements discussions with my friends.

I always found self-development important and tried to find time to watch TedTalks or to attend seminars. This drove my inspiration and brought feelings of new opportunities and new ideas. I talked them through with my friends, and some thoughts sounded really cool options.

But one day I got a feeling that all my life is routine. My progress in work became rather marginal and mainly concentrated in scope of existing functions. Learning appeared to be unsystematic, good for chat but it doesn’t provide any solid ground for valuable advices or judgements in regard to challenges in other areas. Ideas suffered from unsystematic knowledge and inability to concentrate on them.

“What and how should I learn” was my question. It should be something experiencing fast-development, where a lot of opportunities appear and there is a place for fresh ideas from new-comers. It should be time flexible to avoid risking my workload and family. And finally, it should let me try new areas out of my comfortable zone, but leveraging my experience and knowledge.

My decision was Udacity’s Digital Marketing course #IminDMND . Will it help me to start my career in this particular industry? — the future will show. But what I’m sure about that structured knowledge and skills from industry leaders will help me to solve challenges in cross-functional areas with Marketing and to give sound comments in talks with Executives. And what’s important satisfaction came back to me!


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