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Those who are immigrating into the United Kingdom often have significant concerns with regards to entering the country. This includes being able to acquire a visa for one’s spouse or partner. The immigration solicitor year of Burlow and Spencer is providing assistance for couples aiming to live in the UK together.

Burlow and Spencer | Burlow and spencer trust pilot

Burlow and Spencer operate as a European immigration law firm that helps people with getting into the United Kingdom. This comes amid concerns that immigration laws are making it harder for couples to move to the UK together.

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An immigration lawyer at Burlow and Spencer can check individual clients to see if that meet the necessary requirements for a UK visa or immigration rights. Much of the process entails reviewing the individual living situation of the people looking to live together. The process of getting the application covered can be complicated, but the team at Burlow and Spencer is dedicated to making it easier for people to get the most out of the application process.

A UK spouse visa can be provided to those who are in authentic relationships where the two people in the couple will plan on living together. Any applicant will have to meet UK English language requirements. Any sponsor involved must have a particular amount of savings or must be earning a regular minimum salary although the terms associated with vary by application.

A proper consultation will then be provided to a couple by a qualified immigration lawyer. This will include figuring out the proper forms and applications required to attain a visa.

Proper legal representation will be offered. This is to improve one’s chances of having an immigration paper approved. Burlow and Spencer have been especially successful over the years in getting more immigration documents approved.

Burlow and Spencer especially work to provide people with the support needed for getting into the UK if their initial applications are rejected. If one’s first application is rejected, a second application will be submitted with no added costs involved. This can be done as necessary to improve one’s chances depending on what might have come across.

About Burlow and Spencer: is a United Kingdom legal firm that focuses on immigration law. The firm has support for UK and EU visa options and offers legal representation.

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