Tokenomics of Ash: A New Type of Yield Farming

Bill Drummond
Sep 1 · Unlisted
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A Banksy piece in London


Yield farming is this thing where you add liquidity to a liquidity pool and then it prints out a new token that isn’t the same as the token you staked and so the new token has to have some value to it and that usually is in the governance of the system that you just staked your tokens in and that means that everything is peachy and number goes up. Get it? No? Great. That’s because you’re dumb. Give me your Ether.

  1. Certain dynamics to the system that are known.
  2. Certain dynamics to the system that are unknown.
  3. Certain beliefs as to how the system will behave under certain conditions.


  1. OG. Probably the ‘first’ token that people get to know when entering the ecosystem.
  2. Simple anarchist / cryptopunk message.
  3. Simple value proposition: rebase on down days.
  4. Medium-term token.
  5. Slow trends.

Tokens of Babel

  1. The ‘bear’ version of Antiample.
  2. Was designed to behave like the VIX.
  3. Makes many people angry.
  4. Savvy traders pair trade Tokens of Babel with other coins.
  5. Tokens of Babel has the highest liquidity between all the BTS coins.
  6. Burns on rallies.
  7. Short-term token, fast and volatile trends.


  1. The ‘baby.’
  2. Ridiculous price valuation can turn off traders.
  3. Similar to Antiample, but not ‘digital.’ Requires a completely organic system to work.
  4. Long-term ‘HODL’ token.

Enter ASH

Ash is the name of the token only because people were making rumors about what the next token would be so we thought it would be funny to make their rumors come true. However, although Ash implies burning, there is no burning in this token. The name is just a nod to our crazy community.

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1 Ash per block * 10 points * 100 blocks = 1,000 Ash

However, now if the global emission rate has reduced to 0.5 Ash per block per point, your personal emission rate has reduced as well, which means the next time you withdraw, you will get less Ash.


We believe that Ash is the ‘capstone’ to the Burn the State token ecosystem. It solves the problem of ‘too many tokens’ that some members of the community have voiced. It solves the problem that yield farming without marketing and hype is nothing. It solves the problem of each Burn the State token being separate ecosystems. We think that this is a great remix of yield farming that should push the crypto community towards experimenting with new concepts rather than copying and pasting the same code over and over again with just a bit of spice added on top.

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