10 Reasons why Airbit is the best platform for selling beats online.

Airbit is by far the most essential tool in my online beat selling business. There’s a reason all the top beat sellers in the world who make 6 figures or more are using Airbit too.

Before Airbit life was hard… I remember my first time buying a beat online was a painful experience. I reached out to the producer from SoundCloud and asked how much he wanted for the beat. A week later he responded and told me it was $300 for Exclusive Rights so I got his PayPal email and sent him the funds. I was expecting him to send the files as soon as the payment was received but I never got them. I kept messaging him asking him to send the beat and he never responded. A month later his account was gone entirely and I never got the beat or my money back.

Flash forward a few years and now we have Airbit! No more shady producers can take our money, no more waiting for beats, no more manually sending files, no more bullshit.

I’ve tried every platform out there and once I found Airbit I’ll never go back. Here are my top 10 reasons why Airbit is the the best platform for selling beats online.

  1. Automated File Delivery (your customers can instantly download the beats and the pdf contracts without waiting for you to send files).
  2. They don’t take a cut of your money. That’s right, Airbit doesn’t take any commission off your beat sales. Some other sites such as BeatStars take over 30% of your sales off the top. With Airbit if you sell a beat for $100 then you get $100. Plain and simple.
  3. Easy to embed on your own website, Facebook, inside emails, or anywhere you can think of. (Note: you don’t even need your own website to have a beat store, you can just send them direct to your store link)
  4. Airbit makes it easy to collect emails, get new followers or get new subscribers on YouTube. Airbit allows you to give your beats for free downloads in exchange for the person’s email address or as a trade for them subscribing to you on YouTube. You can choose whether the free download is tagged or untagged and you can limit the usage to non-profit use only or allow whatever rights you want to allow. This makes it easy for your clients to download beats and write or record to them before they purchase a full license. It also helps you get more email sign ups & YouTube subscribers which allows you to build those long term relationships and that’s called a WIN WIN.
  5. Easy Vocal tags! Upload vocal tags once and it applies them to all of your beats. Vocal tags are crucial for protecting your beats. It’s like a watermark on a photo in the sense that it keeps people from stealing your content and using it without a proper license. Instead of having to manually put a vocal tag on every beat in your software, you can just upload 1 vocal tag to Airbit and it will automatically apply it to every beat you upload. That saves a ton of time protects your content, and keeps your branding consistent. If you ever change your vocal tag or producer name you can simply just upload a new tag and it will put the new one on all your beats in one click. Tagging your beats has never been easier.
  6. Easy to change your prices and run promotions. Playing around with different price points? With Airbit you can easily adjust the prices of a single beat or all your beats at once in just a few clicks. You can create custom coupon codes for your clients. (example: Get 40% off all beats today only using promo code BURNELL40). You can also do bulk discounts such as Buy 1 Get 1 Free etc. Just about any type of sale or discount you see other companies doing is easily doable with your beat store.
  7. Takes secure payments for you. Nothing is better than waking up to money in your PayPal and a note from a happy client who bought a beat from you while you were asleep. Airbit allows your customers to easily pay through PayPal, Credit Card, or Debit Card and the money gets instantly deposited into your account. The customer feels safe and secure knowing that it’s a top level secured website and you can accept any form of payment with ease and confidence.
  8. Airbit keeps track of your sales and stats. Airbit keeps track of all your sales, customer info, and plays in one easy to view dashboard. It tells you where your plays are coming from and it shows you which beats are most popular. It keeps your sales history on file and allows you to easily monitor your growth. I love logging in every few days and seeing how many plays, downloads, and sales i’ve gotten. It helps me get to know my client’s taste better and shows me how to be more effective with sales and marketing.
  9. Easy Contracts Easily create pdf contracts for your clients to download when they buy your beats. This helps your clients know their rights and keeps both you and them legally protected. You can easily use Airbit’s pre-made templates or write your own contract. This keeps things professional and legal. You don’t need to hire a lawyer to create a contract for you just edit them in Airbit and then your clients will automatically be able to download whichever contract is relevant to the license they purchased. It also autofills their name and the name of the beats so it looks professional as if you had custom written it for them. I love this feature and it makes my clients feel like they are doing business with someone who is on point.
  10. You can also sell beats on the Airbit Marketplace. Airbit has it’s own marketplace where people go to buy beats and you can easily make all your bangers available on their platform too. This gives you more exposure and if your beats are good you might end up selling a ton on their. I personally sell 90% of my beats on my own platforms such as my website but every now and then I wake up to a surprise sale from the Marketplace and it’s always nice to get new clients who otherwise wouldn’t have found you.
Example of Airbit Dashboard

I could go on and on about all the specific features I like but by now I’m sure you see why Airbit is so crucial to my beat selling business. I wouldn’t really be able to make this work very easily without Airbit and it would cost thousands upon thousands to get something like this built. Thank you Airbit!

Now let’s talk cost:

$0.00 Free Account (limit of 10 beats)

$9.99 Per Month Premium Account (limit of 50 beats)

$19.99 Per Month Platinum Account (unlimited beats (this is the one I have and I love it but if you don’t have more than 50 beats then the $10 account would be fine for you)

Honestly I would pay over $100 per month for this service easily because it’s everything I need in one place.

Now that you know how awesome it is I highly advise starting your account now because there’s no time like the present to take action and make your dreams come true!

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