3 Psychological Sales Triggers

3 Reasons I’m able to consistently sell hip hop beats online

#1 — Reciprocity / Goodwill

I provide massive value to artists by throwing events for them to perform at, helping them network, providing free tips, tools, and techniques, getting them press, connecting them with other artists, promoters, radio hosts, studios, sponsors, or anything they might need. This builds reciprocity and positions me as an influencer in the space. This also generates massive amounts of “goodwill” around my name and makes the people I network with want to help me and promote my music, products, & services. In turn I get a ton of word of mouth from all this “goodwill” and that is how many of my customers either find out about me or desire to work with me.

#2 — Influence & Story

I have already achieved some of the results my ideal clients want to achieve. I have performed with many of the biggest names in the world, I have made thousands of dollars from my music, i’ve built a strong online presence, and I have gained respect over years of consistent progress. Many people buy beats from me because they perceive me to be someone who is capable of helping them progress their craft to a higher level. They see I’ve gone some of the places they’d like to go and that working with me will help them get there faster. There’s plenty of people with beats that are just as good as mine or even better who also have cheaper prices than I do but the reason mine still sell is because my clients know, like, and trust my personal brand.

Example: I recently bought a beat from a producer who made several beats for the rapper Logic including the “All I Do” song that really blew him up. Ya his beats were tight but the real emotional reason I wanted to buy from him was because he has worked with an artist I respect and I feel like having beats from him will help me get where I want to go a little quicker.

Bottom line, build up your name and influence by working with talented people, branding yourself well, making quality art, and networking like crazy. It’s not just the beats that sell it’s the overall brand and story behind the person making them.

#3 Confidence

I put myself out there with confidence. I constantly release new beats every few days on my website, YouTube, & Soundcloud. Whenever i’m online I know that I’m representing my personal brand so I do it with confidence and poise. I present myself as a successful hard working talented artist who is well paid for his craft because that’s how I feel, that’s how I am, and that’s how I want to be perceived. Nobody wants to do business with a negative loser who’s always complaining so we must be careful how we conduct our behavior and be mindful of every word we post. I see many producers coming across desperate trying to sell their beats and it makes them not seem as valuable. The producers who succeed the most have put in the work to get skilled at their craft and they are presenting their work confidently to the world. When people follow me online they see that i’m very dedicated to my craft, they see i’m taking my work serious and presenting it with confidence. Overtime they begin to know, like, and trust me and those 3 elements are essential in order to build a long term relationship. I treat all my fans and clients as if they were my best friends and that love turns into lifelong advocates rather than just one time transactions. Always think big picture and play the long term game!

Burnell Washburn (Hip Hop Artist / Entrepreneur)

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