The Six Minute Pocket Notebook

Make your own custom built pocket sketchbook with tools often found around the house, and it literally takes minutes to make.

This is a repurposed HowTo taken from my blog. It’s especially relevant now with Inktober breaking out everywhere, it’s very useful to have a small notebook for that kind of regular drawing activity as part of your Everydaycarry type get up. The more you have the tools to hand the much more likely you are to keep up a new habit.

  1. You will need:
  • Two sheets good quality A4 paper (150 gsm is good)
  • One piece of recycled cardboard (Stella beer box card is thin and strong)
  • Two standard staples
  • Scissors, ruler, pencil and stapler.

2. Fold the paper in half, then fold back the other way, this then should make it easy to tear in half with a neat edge.

3. Repeat so, in the end, each sheet bears 4 strips.

4. Repeat on the other sheet so you end up with 8 strips.

5. Fold them all together in half, making booklet.

6. Make sure that crease is nice and sharp.

7. Using the booklet as a guide measure out a rectangle on the card to act as a cover. Give it an extra 5mm in width and 10mm in length to accommodate the edges and spine thickness.

8. Cut out the card.

9. Making sure the edges are equal fold the cover around the booklet.

10. Using a thick carpet or plasticine as a base push two staple through the spine. Turn the book over and carefully bend the staples over as they should be, but use a tool, like a knife or something so you don’t damage your beautiful fingers.

11. You can even cut the corners rounded just to look classy.

12. Bingo, it’s flexible so will fit nicely in a back pocket, and is the perfect receptacle for notes on your next novel, concepts of social theory, life sketching, mind maps, Inktober studies etc etc.