Advice From A 19 Year Old Girl & Software Developer
Lydia Hallie

It’s funny because I always enjoyed coding, but studying compsci in college made me hate the shit out of it. I wish I had never gone to college.

I dropped out last year and the only thing college gave me was a massive debt.

I also had a terrible experience with the tech community in my area. The tech community tend to be awful toward gay people/women. At least in my country, though I very much doubt it’s any different anywhere else. It made me feel not want to have any contact with people involved in tech at all. Really traumatizing shit.

It took the whole 2017 to gain my confidence back and start to enjoy coding again. I bought a lot of books on amazon, a ton of courses on Udemy, a subscription to Pluralsight AND all of Wes Bos’ courses and I’m finally happy. I’m studying on my own, learning like I never did in college, and very excited about the future. 🤩

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