The Australian, 13 April 2021

There was a dark, sad irony to the Harry and Meghan circus that cast a shadow over the final months of Prince Philip’s life.

In this spat between the Duke and Duchess of Wokeness and the stiff, unfeeling and allegedly racist “firm” whose clutches they escaped, Philip was always depicted as the regressive old guard.

They are the hip, aware royals, in touch with their feelings and fluent in the California-speak of therapy culture and critical race theory.

Philip, in contrast, was the patriarch of the ancien regime, the embodiment of white privilege. He was…

The Australian, 13 March 2021

There’s a new commandment: Thou shalt not criticise Meghan Markle.

Woe betide anyone who even thinks about dissing this Duchess.

This commandment has been vigorously enforced here in the UK ever since Meghan and Harry’s sitdown with Oprah was broadcast on TV.

That televisual spectacle has unleashed an extraordinary chain of events.

The chattering classes have elevated Meghan into the patron saint of wokeness. They venerate her.

They cheer her for “telling the truth” about the royals, the media and much of the British public – we’re all racist, apparently – and they insist we…

If I responded to every bad-faith criticism of spiked and me, I’d never get anything else done. But every now and then it’s worth responding, if only as a way of exploring what motors some people’s obsessive and dishonest opposition to spiked.

John Gillott, a science writer, has written a Medium post criticising spiked’s coverage of Covid-19 and singling me out for special opprobrium. It is a classic of the bad-faith genre. It contains actual lies, and wilful distortions. Let’s take a look.

Gillott cites my editorial from spiked last week, in which I argued that the social solidarity of…

The Australian, 6 February 2021

In January 2018, at an anti-Trump Women’s March in London, a laughing, pink-haired feminist waved a placard that said: “No country for old white men.”

Fast forward to 2020 and who was the British hero of the hour – of the entire year, in fact? It was an old white man. A very old white man. Captain Tom Moore.

From woke political agitators mocking old white men to a nation taking an old white man to its heart – there is a very important story here.

It points to one of Captain Tom’s most wonderful…

I’m always surprised when people call me right-wing. I’m not offended – I think right and left are largely meaningless categories these days, so I see neither as a compliment or an insult – but I am surprised. So I scribbled down some of the ideas I’m most keen on, and have written about a lot over the past 20 years, and I am curious to know which ones are right-wing. I had always considered these leftish ideas, but perhaps I am wrong?

  • Abolish the monarchy.
  • Abolish the House of Lords.
  • Have a unicameral democratic system with more frequent elections.

The Australian, 13 June 2020

The West is in the grip of a Cultural Revolution. Modern-day Red Guards have declared war on the past. The Black Lives Matter protests that erupted in response to the police killing of George Floyd have morphed with staggering speed into a frenzied assault on history, liberty and reason.

No statue, no monument, no bust is safe from the woke mob’s frantic urge to purify the public square and erase all trace of people they disapprove of.

Over the past week these right-on vandals toppled a statue of the 17th-century slave trader Edward Colston in…

The Australian, 11 April 2020

I want you to carry out a thought experiment.

Imagine if it was discovered that some men of the Muslim faith had engaged in awful acts of abuse.

Imagine if these men drugged, assaulted and raped girls over a period of years.

Imagine if they had treated the girls as their personal property.

Do you think the left-leaning media would demonise the men as evil and even satanic?

Do you think commentators would appear on TV to opine about Islam and its allegedly warped abusive culture?

Do you think, in short, we would see the…

The Australian, 16 December 2019

To grasp the magnitude of what has just happened in the UK, consider the constituency of Blyth Valley.

This is a former mining town in the North East of England. It became a constituency in 1950. In every single General Election since, it has sent a Labour politician to Westminster.

Blyth Valley has been ruled by Labour for longer than the Queen has ruled the nation.

It has been one of the UK’s reddest constituencies. Its former MP, Ronnie Campbell, was once a miner. He’s a veteran of the Miners’ Strike of the mid-1980s.


The Australian, 9 November 2019

We need to talk about privilege.

No, not about “white privilege” or “straight privilege” or “cis privilege” or any of the other made-up privileges that the woke lobby bangs on about endlessly.

And I don’t mean we have to check our privilege, either.

Checking one’s privilege is one of the weirdest rituals in the cult of identity politics.

It is essentially a form of self-flagellation, where supposedly privileged people – especially white men – must metaphorically whip themselves across the back for having allegedly enjoyed super-comfortable existences.

Identity politics is an extremely binary system. …

Brendan O'Neill

Editor of spiked. Presenter of The Brendan O’Neill Show podcast. Irish blood ☘️ Brexit heart 💓

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