Last chance

Hey I know you’re out there I know you’re reading this and I know I’m either related to you or went to middle school with you. You always had your reasons but this week has shown your reasons for supporting this regime? They’re lies you told yourself.

  1. Some of you defended the potential for unleashing small business. Well I have owned small businesses and I’m not just repeating pointy headed liberal talk, I know how it works, so don’t presume to lecture me. None of the political things that happened this week are good for actual small businesses out here in the real world. the Real America where women and people of color and tiny freelance bootstrappers keep building our small businesses and working for better lives. No foreign tariffs are gonna help US. No graffiti the hoods and thugs you’ve emboldened to paint on our building are gonna help Us. No wall money and war money is gonna help us.

2. Some of you were excited about economics. You like to act like leftists haven’t, but I’ve studied your economics too. None of these grotesqueries and presidential things are good for your neoliberal flat earth economic systems that depend on consumerism and free trade. Your lectures about economics weren’t heard by the godless fake Christians pulling the president’s strings either, they don’t care about you; they care about money changing in the temple.

3. Speaking of which, I read the same bibles you all read. I know the passages you know, in both the crooked phrasing of King James and the living script of the languages they were first written. I kept reading, too. I studied the word you learned to use like a cudgel. You like to deride book learning for simple rote memorization and common sense. Well let me tell you. See I know the book learnin AND the memorization. Because I have one of those brains that just remembers things, without having to work that hard at it. Your interpretations of the Christian bible actually Aren’t Correct — neither in the implications and meanings of the original messages, nor in the flat common sense of literalism. The stranger, the foreign outcast, the adulterer and the criminal were the ones Jesus liked and asked you to love, not your powerful occupying governors and kings. You forgot the Word and you forget the words. It happens so frequently and at such scale it must be deliberate.

Unfortunately they’re lies you probably won’t be alive to tell your grandchildren, because you embraced an avatar of death, an actual many headed Beast with power and billions of dollars and hands on a war machine. Who is like the beast? Who can make war upon him?

You are wrong about nearly Everything. And your wrongness just keeps getting broadcast on the news every day. You foolish Galatians, we know who has bewitched you. You have worshipped a whole *pantheon* of false gods: billionaires and cheaters and killers and fabulists. And you tell yourself false things to justify it, but the bare teeth of the Beast make your hopes and wishes into lies every night.

I’d feel sorry for you, but there’s people in crisis who need our tears more:

Small business owners who are black and brown, who were born here or came here desperate, the only carnage they face will be from white hate mongers and white-favoring policies. Economically disadvantaged women and children whose world was already flat but gets more tilted every day. Jews and Muslims and even non-evangelical Christians who are all quietly praying at the end of the barrel of the gun *you* loaded and *you* hoped the Beast would use.

I know you. I know you, playmate and friend, and uncle and aunt, and in law, and coworker, and adversary. I know you and I know your ways and your culture and your hopes. I came through them too, and I studied them too. I rebuke you. I cast you out. I shake my sandals at you. All of history knows you too, and will resist you. You have one more chance. Wake up, repent.

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