What is BURON and who we are?

This is Denis-founder and I would like to introduce ourself and our project.

We are software developers, we creating web based business software for a long time. And in 2017 we founded BURON project. Our goal is to create awesome software for cryptocurrencies mining, that will fit 80% of all GPU or ASIC miners.

BURON team

Actually you can find detailed information about project on our White Paper, and buron.io. But in this post I want to briefly show you most interesting features of our project.

What kind of software we do?

Actually BURON is infrastructure project, that mean we have several blocks. The software package consists of the following components:

  • Mining manager for Win and Linux. Assembly containing popular miners and necessary utilities for private connection, log analysis, etc. This software installed on GPU or CPU miners.
  • BURON Cloud, accumulates and analyzes data (logs, pool data and data from the third services).
  • A client applications (web front-end, iOS, Android and Telegram bot) for displaying data from the cloud and the interface for managing the miners.
  • BURON box — the device for ASIC controlling. Will be announced in Q1-Q2 2018.

Where we are?

In december 2017 we have public beta version and first customers who already used BURON for managing and monitoring GPU and CPU miners. Our vision is to be on a front-line with a customers as soon as possible and start to get feed back, to understand what really need miners.

Right now you can register and try BURON beta.


For developers like us, ICO is a great opportunity to create software of our dream. Venture investors and meet-up is so far from us but with crypto-crowdsale we can create next basecamp or slack in mining. We are not great marketers and financials, we are great in software developing. And we believe that sharing our ideas allover the world can help us to create best mining software and a lot of X's for our investors.

So, we have BURC token (BURON Coin). This is internal internal currency of the BURON ecosystem. Our service usage, BURON box purchasing and community assistance with our product promotion will be paid in BURC tokens.

From the first day our software integrated with BURC token. In beta phase every single miner who use BURON is earning BURC token. This mean that we paying miners for using our software. We call this virtual mining.

What next? When we release stable version BURON new users will need to buy BURC to use service. Where? Of course on exchange. We plan to place our token in Q2 2018.

Why will the token price grow?

Along with the development of the BURON project, the number of miners will increase. The more miners, the greater will become the demand for tokens, as they are needed to use the service. We will also convert part of the revenue received into tokens, buying them out on the market. In other words, the demand for a token will grow with the growth of the project.

Support out crowdsale. We have a great bonuses for early adopters. How to do it, you can find here. We sure that this is great investment.

Early adopters will earn up to 50% bonuses (very limited quantity). Base price is 0,1777 ETH for 1000 BURC.

This is smart-contract address, where you can send ETH and get BURC: 0x2520e2b81a7424b89b9fbd739f94aa430cb1b267

Feel free to email or chat if you have any questions.