From Introvert to Public Speaking Champion

“I can’t believe you were once shy introvert.”- The one sentence public speakers hear a lot.

The truth is, there is rarely a person who doesn't feel nervous and uncomfortable when has to go out of the comfort zone. It’s in our genes to feel uncomfortable when leaving our super-comfort.

However, you must master your (public) communication skills to deliver the right message, to the right people at the right time. To master your confidence level. To boost your creativity and spontaneous actions.To….

Great (public) communication skills are essential for a successful career.

From software engineer (introvert) to public speaking champion:
  1. Constantly challenge yourself, your limits.

Fall in love with the feeling of crushing your personal limits, every time. Do something you have never done before, you have been afraid of or you just never had a chance to do it. Set your goals on weekly/monthly basis and do it, finally. You will be proud of yourself.

2. Leave comfort zone, constantly.

Never miss an opportunity to disrupt your comfort. Alway push yourself forward to new experience, that will kill you the comfort zone and will make you stronger. Engage in class discussions, public events, careers fairs, conferences. Be the toast-master of family occasions. Even stand on stage and pitch an idea to investors on the startup competition. Whenever you have a chance to do a public speech, public performance you must not miss the experience.

3. Network with new people. Everywhere.

From conferences to career fairs to local events, get used to initiating a conversation with random people and move the conversation to a new contact. Start with engaging question and engage into a further conversation. Ask relevant questions and listen carefully. Communicating with new people will shape your communication skills on a different level.

4. Practice. Practice. Practice.

At the end of the day, it’s all about practicing. Practice in front of mirror. Also, take a video of your speech and notice your movements, body language and expressions. Watch some great TED speakers, follow their movements and learn some new technique. All movements matter. Body language is a powerful tool and make sure you are using it, properly.

5. Courage. Determination. Commitment.

Be brave. Be courageous. Push your confidence at a higher level. Commit yourself to master your communication skills. Set your goals and don’t give up when it’s hard. It’s the same strategy with everything in life. Only brave, determined and committed achieve their high goals, so be ONE of them.

Having an outstanding communication skills will help you in your life and your career. Everyone can master their soft skills, so don’t wait a second.

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