Life is Marathon. A tough Marathon

The finish zone

3, 2, 1…Bang……….

You hear the start pistol going off and you know the game has just started. The game called marathon where you test your limits, your physical strength and I love to say, your mental extremes. Marathon is at first about your physical capabilities, but you will be impressed when you lean on your mental strength. It is all about are you are ready to push your brain harder, deeper and tougher.

As running a marathon is not easy at all, you will have to pass over a lot of mental and physical stages. As the clock is counting every second of your move, you can not run and not think about what is your final goal: crush your personal best even for a second. In marathon, even the smallest piece of time matters a lot. You are entering in an endless war with yourself. You start to fight with the time, with your muscle fibers, with the sharp pain and very soon with your brain. You know here, every second matters. You also know very well, this is the same in life. You must not let any second to pass purposeless in the fight. And your life is a fight, as well. Did you just remembered all those things you have been procrastinating for days, weeks, months, years….. Yes, so much time wasted purposeless. is a long marathon and you know very clearly that you have to use every second of it, wisely.

As in the race you DO push your limits till the end, having your ultimate goal in mind- to finish this race better than previous one. And here you finally understand what is the meaning of life, don’t you? To be better every race. Every day. Every second. In every aspect of your marathon called life. Becoming better every day. Better marathoner. Better person. Better daughter. Better son. Better sister. Better friend. Better colleague…

In this endless fight with your brain, you start to think about anything. About all those things you could have done better, but you didn’t. The time has passed and there is no coming back. Just in the middle of the race, where the pain is so strong, you know that now you have to push harder and to set your pace to the right timing. Yes, there were, are and will always be very hard moments, a lot of pain, a lot of struggle, but now is the time when you have the chance to take everything in your hands and to conquer YOU in the fight with YOURSELF. The adrenaline level is growing as the finish line is getting close. The excitement, passion and heart rate are also growing, but you are fighting with YOU and you must not lose this fight. You have your goal clearly set and keep fighting for it. Just when you see the finish line and the seconds passing by on that big digital clock, you accelerate your muscle cells, expand your mental extremes and finish the game, proudly. As the red digits show lower time than expected, you know you are the winner. All that pain is suddenly gone and all you feel is: — your goal accomplished, your fight won.

Did you start your marathon fight already? Well, you better start it, because life is a marathon. A tough marathon.

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