If only it were so.
Bob Jacobson

This, too, is a pile of nonsense. There’s about 36 flavors of Right at the moment, each of which has completely different principles and goals, wants, and hopes, and opinions. You’re conglomerating people who don’t even talk to each other. Some people like Donald Trump. Some don’t like what the Left has done with racial shaming. Some you call “alt-right” (an almost entirely meaningless term, as except for a couple hundred people, it is a term that *is applied* to others, not an actual organization that people consider *themselves* a part of). An extremely small subset of all these groups have agreed that violence is a tool of politics. This trick, by the way, they had to learn, from the Left’s Antifa, and the “Punch a Nazi” campaign (“Nazi” meaning “People who disagree with me”).

If you’re seeing a bloc here, and aggregating opinions into a big pile of distasteful monsters, then you are a Part of the Problem. You should do less demonizing and more listening. Monsters are made, and once made, don’t vanish simply because you proselytize against them.

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