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Social Media Marketing

Brendan Burris

All in all, I thought that the social media Show & Tell event was a great way for us as students to take a different look at social outreach and how our channels/brands can positively impact our customer base while also engaging them in what we as a company are trying to achieve and to get the consumer to purchase and use our product.

From the discussion, the concept I found that most resonated with me was the idea of creating content specific to the target audience you are trying to reach as a brand and not only attempting to have them purchase your product, most most importantly, engage with you as a company and use your brand to achieve the goals you want your consumer to value. As many of the panelists had said, if you create and present content to your base that is not in tune with your values or what the consumer wants, you are wasting your time and resources. Depending on what the brand you are presenting is, your base will pair with that section of the market. Therefore, what you create and what you present must be in line with what that cross-section of the market wants.

Another ideal I found interesting was the thought that every follower that you have as a brand is not just a number, but a real person who can engage with you in many different ways. Continuing to reach out with the goal of creating your content for each individual person allows them to be ambassadors for your brand as well, allowing the brand to continue and continue reaching new parts of the market.

Most importantly, the content that you create must reach out to your consumers and tell them why they should care about you as a company and why this is important. A consumer can simply just pass by your content if it does not have any semblance of relativity to them, so you as a brand must be 100% positive that every post you create is as relatable and helpful to the consumer as possible, which in turn will only positively affect your brand in the long run.

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