Wild Wild Westbrook: Why Russell Westbrook Will Dominate The Western Conference In 2017

Russell Westbrook is a savage, a beast, a monster and plenty of other adjectives I could think of to describe Oklahoma City’s point guard. Put on Earth by the basketball god’s and blessed with a ferocity and motor that few others in the NBA possess, the stars are aligned for Westbrook to dominate the Western Conference in 2017. Here are a few reasons he will deliver an MVP caliber season:

  1. He no longer has any help. Kevin Durant infamously left the Thunder for the NBA’s golden boys in The Bay, Serge Ibaka was traded to the Magic, and Dion Waiters left for South Beach. With two of the Thunder’s three leading scorers gone, including the former MVP, Westbrook will have free reign to score when he wants this upcoming season.
  2. He’s pissed off. Westbrook always plays with an edge and a determination to murder the rim, but sources close to the situation have claimed he’s less than thrilled with Durant’s departure. Today Royce Young reported that Durant even told Russell he was going to return to the Thunder during a dinner the two had three weeks ago. Rest assured it will be Westbrook’s personal mission this season to destroy Durant and the Warriors’ claim as kings of the West.
  3. He can strengthen his resume. Not that he really needs to do so, but an MVP level season with a weakened roster will boost Westbrook’s value even more when teams come calling during his free agency next summer. It would also put even more pressure on the Thunder to offer him a max contract and re-sign him, rather than trading him before the trade deadline to try and acquire as many assets as possible. If Westbrook starts the season dominating the competition, Thunder GM Sam Presti will have to ask himself if it would be better to rebuild around his star point guard instead of starting at zero again with whoever he could get in return for Westbrook.
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