6 Easy & Effective Lip Care Tips

Lips are often the most ignored area in our skin care routine. This leaves them dry, flaky and cracked… so unsightly and uncomfortable!

Let’s now talk about the care of the delicate vulnerable skin of lips.

Lips should be sensual and expressive but chapped or dry lips are not enticing. The skin on our lips is much thinner and more delicate than our facial skin. Also, lips do not have any oil glands to keep the skin moisturized. This makes them much more susceptible to environmental factors such as temperature, low humidity, air-conditioning, and other influences.

The following tips can easily help you keep your lips looking pink and plump.

Avoid harmful ingredients like fragrances, artificial color, petroleum-based products like mineral oil or alcohol, as you will ingest small amounts of these ingredients. Look for lip balms that have moisturizing oils and butter as they not just coat the skin surface but penetrate deep into the skin. We recommend looking for the following ingredients in your lip balm

Olive oil: It is loaded with nutrients, vitamin E, antioxidants, healthy fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory agents; that’s why; the extract of olive is very effective to cure chapped lips.

Stop licking your lips — it irritates the skin and makes them drier.

Remove your makeup — Most lipsticks especially the long wear ones dry out the skin. Make sure that you remove all make up at night to avoid damaging your lips.

Exfoliate weekly — Flaky lips are gross! Use a natural scrub like sugar or even your toothbrush to gently exfoliate your lips weekly but avoid hard scrubs or peels. You can use this DIY recipe to make your own scrub. This will surely help get rid of build-up of dry skin.

Be generous with a lip balm: Keep your favourite natural lip balm handy and apply it in the morning under your lipstick and at night before hitting the bed.

Use healing ingredients from the kitchen like ghee, almond oil, coconut oil to pamper your lips every once in a while.