An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

For Talia (and other millennials struggling to find their way)… While I empathize with your struggles, don’t think that you are alone. We ‘all’ struggled the way you’re struggling today, but……. you owe it to yourselves to understand the world and the system you’re living in. You cannot simply jump on the Bernie wagon of ‘free stuff’ (socialism - more about this later) or politicians patronizing you with utopias of $15/hour minimum wages.

First, you should be writing/condemning your colleges and college professors for not awakening you to the world at hand. Four years (or more) of liberal indoctrination and no exposure to things such as NAFTA, or Global Economics is a sin. You don’t like your minimum wage job? You should investigate why there’s no GDP growth in the U.S. Why is your CEO struggling to keep employees on the payroll? Why are major (major!) U.S. companies moving overseas or to Mexico? Why has your employer-paid healthcare insurance skyrocketed? Why are major corporations hoarding cash outside the U.S. (could it be because of the high corporate tax rate perhaps?).

Instead of falling for the cradle-to-grave promise by Bernie Sanders and the others, you should be asking yourselves ‘Why?’ things are they way they are.

Get involved in understanding the system, and question your elected officials why they’re voting the way they do? Take control. Take a stand. Stop complaining that your boss is what’s wrong with the world. Ask about the regulations put on him by our government. Ask him how much he’s paying in payroll taxes for his entire employee base. I’m not saying there aren’t horrible/miserable CEO’s or bosses, there are. But you seem as if you haven’t a clue as to why you’re in the predicament you are at this time. GoFundMe or Kickstarter pages aren’t a lasting revenue stream (by the way, I don’t think that’s what these sites were meant to fund).

You should be working a year in your role. You should be working hard everyday. There’s no shortcut. Work hard, smile, and move through the ranks to the top. It’s not easy by any means.

I sincerely hope you find your way.

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