Causes of Yellow Teeth and Ways to Whiten The Yellow Teeth

Yellow teeth are generally a cause of concern for most of the people. This is the reason that procedures to whiten the yellow teeth are very popular. Now, there are a number of things (i.e. the natural color of your teeth and your oral hygiene habits) that are to be evaluated before a teeth’s whitening plan is devised.

Here, it would be worth mentioning some of the reasons of yellow teeth.

  • Diet is the first reason to talk about when there is a discussion about yellow teeth. Several beverages can cause yellowness of teeth. Those beverages mainly include coffee, tea and the ones high in tannins. These substances can penetrate into the tooth enamel and cause long term tooth discoloration.
  • One of the top reasons for yellow teeth is the use of tobacco. Tobacco use, smoking to be precise, can leave quite stubborn stains on the teeth. However, the smokers can simply quit smoking and stick to an effective oral hygiene routines in order to get rid of these stains and to prevent them in the future.
  • Certain illnesses can also result in the yellowness of teeth. Cancer in the head or neck and chemotherapy are among the major reasons for yellow teeth. Moreover, use of certain prescription medicines can result in the yellowness of teeth.
  • Perhaps the biggest and most obvious reason for yellow teeth is the poor oral hygiene. You have to make sure that you follow the best oral hygiene routine.
  • Excessive use of fluoride can cause yellow stains on the teeth. It’s the children teeth which get yellowed with the use of fluoride in excess.

No matter what the reason for yellowness of teeth is, there are teeth whitening options that you can consider in order to regain the brightness of your smile. However, you have to make sure that you are going for the teeth’s whitening options only after consulting with your dentist.

Whitening of teeth

After you have decided to get your teeth whitened, now you will need to look into the options. These options include in-office treatment, gels, whitening trays, whitening strips, toothpastes, and rinses. Generally, there are two main options that you can consider to get your teeth whitened.

  • You can ask your dentist to whiten your teeth in the dental office. This type of teeth’s whitening is known as professional teeth whitening. This treatment mainly involves application of whitening gels on the teeth and then exposure of teeth to the whitening light. The duration of this treatment mainly depends upon the severity of yellowness of your teeth.
  • Another option to get your teeth whitened is to use whitening products at home. Whitening strips and trays are the most popular options in this regard. Both, the strips and the trays, tend to keep the peroxide based gel applied to your teeth. These products work slowly to whiten your teeth, and the results may last for more than 12 months.

No matter what option you want to go for, you have to make sure that you discuss these options with your dentist prior to making any decision.