Dental Care Tips for Children with Special Needs

Being a parent of a child with special needs can be quite challenging. They require more attention than the normal kids. Children with special needs are the ones who have chronic physical, mental and/or behavioral issues. Having that said, such children are usually at the higher risk of developing dental health problems. The dental health problems that can occur in the kids with special needs may include cavities, gum infections, delay in tooth eruption, and bite problems. These are the problems that you need to avoid.

Having that said, there are a few things that you have to do to make sure that the dental health of your child with special needs remains in good shape.

Regular brushing

We all know how important brushing your teeth is. Your child with special needs also needs clean teeth, and you have to make sure that his/her teeth are being brushed on daily basis. Now, the disability of your kid may not allow him to brush his teeth in the ideal way. So you should help your kid in the process. You can approach your kid from behind and hold his hands in order to control the brushing motion. You can also use an electric toothbrush during this process because an electric toothbrush makes brushing pretty much easier.

Teeth friendly foods

You will have to keep an eye on what your child eats and drinks because it has almost everything to do with the dental health. Foods that are good for overall health are generally good for the dental health as well. However, you have to make sure that you are giving your kid soft foods which are highly digestible. Children usually like to have starchy and sugary foods but you have to keep the consumption of these foods under a tight limit. So, you can keep healthy snacks in your home to serve your kid when he/she demands to have something to eat. While it can be difficult to make your child brush after the meal, you can have him/her rinsing the mouth.

Dental visit

To make sure that your child has the best of dental health, you have to take him/her to the dentist regularly. The dentist is not only going to treat the dental health problems with your child but he will also be able to convince your kid to take care of his/her dental hygiene.