Mind Design

Week 1.. Begin project by watching a couple of hours of verge escapement videos, ranging from Galileo escapements, to my design of choice, the deadbeat escapement design.


Week 2.. Have begun sketching designs for my overall project. Meeting with Sankalp and finally understanding the gear receives its power from an object that is often missing in youtube videos. Sankalp assures me this will be doable. Drawings for the gear are done. Will go to hardware store and grab more pieces…

Went to the hardware store to find a piece to act as a stopper. Came back and my best option did not work. Cut out my gear though.

Went to home depot and bought some wood for the foundation, dowells, a few possible stopping pieces, and necessary drill bits. Glued the foundation and drilled holes, but fit is imperfect.


Bartered with a clock store owner to get the core of an old clock for 20 dollars. I plan to use the stopping piece from here, as hopefully it will fit more precisely than my previous attempts. Also ran back to home depot to buy new dowels and drill bits. I plan to drill small holes within the wooden dowels and sink the pendulum and gear piece into these rods. Money is racking up…

Making some progress towards my original design of a deadbeat escapement. Except I’m finding it nearly impossible to make the device precise enough to work smoothly.

Tried drilling a few more holes and switching around gears and stoppers countless times. Here’s my second best attempt. Ultimately, I could not get my gear

I came to the conclusion that I would not be able to achieve my design without much more time and resources.

Total hours spent: 16 hours

Money spent: $85

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