Looney Tunes #155 Late Summer 1954

Childhood Cover

This is Looney Tunes #155, released late summer, 1954…I recall vividly buying this comic at St. John’s Hobby Shop, on the East side of Main St. between Lansdowne and Inkster. I was six years old, so getting that dime was pretty special. There was a kid from way up in Yellowknife named Ronnie, who came down two summers in a row to visit his grandmother who lived down Lansdowne a bit, near St. Cross…it was a small house, inhabited by only an old lady…I had this comic and Ronnie and I were sitting on the boulevard outside his grandmother’s house, reading it together…I don’t think Ronnie’s family had any money either, so I seem to recall his thinking the brand new comic was pretty nifty. This memory is so special, probably partially because we didn’t have television yet, so these newsprint escapes were one of our only means of “cerebral travel”. Just seeing this scan again today, 62 years later, is one man’s form of time travel…and that can’t be all bad…

Peace and calm if you can find it…if you find it, wish it for others…BLC July-2016