I Was a Men’s Rights Activist
As Told to MEL

“My focus is still on men (that much hasn’t changed since my MRA days), but my work recognizes that the single most powerful set of tools for understanding the issues men face can be found in feminist analysis.”

I wonder how feminist theory, feminist analysis and/or the feminist gaze would have analyzed this case if the there was the cab driver did not have video:


In the above mentioned case would feminists have stood by the cab driver’s claims that his passenger, a young, attractive female lawyer, was exposing herself to him and harassing him for sex? I kind of doubt it.

This isn’t to say that feminist analysis is horrible tool. If it wasn’t for feminist analysis we would probably still be oblivious to such things as female bullying a la ‘Odd Girl Out’. Its just that it is an imperfect tool. Could other analytic tools be of better use. Should we also develop other analytical tools also? For example, dare I say, a male critical analysis perspective….